24th April 2022

We are approximately 20 months out from the next general election.

The most radical government in our history will go back to the people to seek a mandate to continue the transformation of our country into the globalist dream of Klaus Schwab.

Blitzkrieg politics is a technique the Labour party have used before,

  • not just hate speech legislation,
  • or the theft of community assets
  • or the negation of your right to hold a referendum,
  • or the compulsory re-education of our youth
  • or the establishment of an explicitly racist system of government.
  • or an apartheid system of health care

but rather all of these things and more at once. It is a strategy of distraction, you will not know which battle to fight first. Meanwhile they steam roll ahead on all fronts at a pace designed to overwhelm and disorientate the opposition. Labour is a party of ideological fanatics and will act with complete disregard for law, precedent or ethics.

Right now two of these projects have hit rough water, the right of the proposed Maori Health Authority to veto government health policy has been removed, transferring final sign off on any decisions to the minister. This is kind of like good news- but not really, the complete re-working of our health system on racial lines is still going ahead as planned. The left will never give up or admit an error, only the tactic will change.

Secondly. The Attorney-General David Parker has declared that the Rotorua District Council Representation Arrangements Bill cannot be justified under the Bill of Rights Act. The language is less than emphatic and there is no guarantee they won’t ignore Parker and push ahead regardless. But still, it is a serious blow to credibility when your own AG says this instrumental piece of legislation to Jacinda’s goal of co-Governance hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

The date for submissions on this piece of legislation has been extended to the 4th May. New Zealanders not wishing to live under the domination of radical tribal rule have until that date to advise the government of their error!

Make a submission HERE.

The graph below from the Taxpayers Union highlights a problem we are seeing across the western civilization.  The feminine propensity to trade liberty for safety predisposes women to political charlatans who will use the language of human rights, safety and morality to implement policies that curtail our freedoms, introduce draconical legislation against freedom of speech, and threaten to split the country on racial lines.

This week we feature a piece by independent blogger Forrest Maready on Why So Many People Don’t WANT Freedom.

Starting in 2022 the ‘Aotearoa New Zealand histories’ curriculum will be rolled out across our country as a compulsory subject. Access to the impressionable minds of our children is a privilege that must be rigorously protected. The Ardern regime is intent on remaking our country against the will of the people, and without accurate verifiable knowledge our young people will have no way to stand their ground and challenge the information they will be fed.

Take the time now to arm yourself with the objective facts of real New Zealand histories…

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