2020 is over and done, many people were glad to see it go and look forward to getting back to normal in 2021. Not so fast… I rather suspect 2020 was just act one, setting the stage so to speak, arranging the chairs for the main event.

Last month Kerry wrote an important article on the Governments commitment to socially engineer the demise of White New Zealand. In response to the Christchurch shootings, the finger will be firmly pointed at Europeans, and institutional changes made designed to keep an eye on the Whites while we are progressively replaced. This month Kerry takes a look at the next phase of the process, Re-write our history and indoctrinate our children with unfounded guilt and self-hatred.

Has there ever been an administration or government in New Zealand’s history (or ‘histories’) more fanatically intent on social engineering than the Ardern regime? Certainly, there has never been an administration more intent on relegating the Euro-New Zealander to extinction in all ways other than as rootless economic automatons,

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