Parihaka – A Europhobic Guilt-Trip

K R Bolton Of the may Europhobic distortions of New Zealand colonial history the one that is most notable is the government occupation of Parihaka, a village in Taranaki region, on 5 November 1881. It seems likely that before long Guy Fawkes Day will be replaced by Parihaka Day, which is often mooted, and this … Continue reading Parihaka – A Europhobic Guilt-Trip

Their Target: Your Children

Social Engineering and the Ministry of Education By K R Bolton Queerest Parliament in the World New Zealand’s Parliament is being lauded by those whom one would expect to be celebrating, as the queerest in the world. The term used in ‘rainbow’. We are a ‘rainbow nation,’ sharing that term with the chaotic mess still … Continue reading Their Target: Your Children