Co-Governance and European New Zealanders: Part 2

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Is there an overarching agenda?

In spite of the Maori sovereignty movements criticisms of the government there is a strange symbiosis, at least up to a point, between the government agenda and the Maori separatist agenda. The government is totally committed to Co-Governance; to the establishment of what the HePuapua document calls three “spheres of authority” Rangatiratanga, Joint, and Kawanatanga, being careful always to ensure that Maori interests have veto rights over Kawanatanga (the government sphere) if they so choose. To that extent we already have Maori government in New Zealand, but a shadow, covert kind of Maori government embedded in the bureaucratic State. All government departments are required by law to recognise the “partnership” model of the Treaty and to buy into ‘matauranga Maori’- Maori knowledge, world viewand ‘te au Maori’ (Maori world) in their processes and outcomes.

The Wakaminenga National Congress on the other hand will not be content with a bit of hand holding and Maori language signs around the place, they are more interested in completely supplanting the existing government altogether. Taking control of foreign policy, trade, finance and education. Overtly and in your face, allowing white people and other new Zealanders to become tribal members by adoption only. How many well meaning but naive New Zealanders are aware of just how far reaching and all encompassing this change will be? If this comes to pass, we will for all intents and purposes find ourselves living in a whole new country, with a different language, system of government and culture. And once that is in place, there will be no voting it out at the next election. Tikanga.

Broadly we have two entities, the ostensibly legitimate government, you know, the one we supposedly ‘voted’ for, and the Maori Government. Both fervently working to undermine centuries of English common law and implement Maori Tribal rule.

One wonders whether the government questions or regrets the path it has set us on? Are they under the direct control of a foreign entity? Is it even more sinister; or is it merely the logical result of party politics in the age of MMP? Making deals with the devil for short term political advantage?

Party political advantage certainly played a part, but one never really wins a deal with the devil. In a political ecosystem defined by a Marxist media the Overton window is always going to be defined by an ever narrower range of political discourse. Thus eliminating major policy differences between the major parties. In this environment all parties support globalism, all parties support open borders and free trade, everyone buys into climate change and of course everyone believes vaccines are “safe and effective”! In such an environment the party that most pleases the more radical and sectarian elements of the minor parties will likely win the day. Hence the extreme lefts shameless expertise in deceptive language has put their ideology in the decisive role regardless of which party become the government.

MMP may have been touted as a means of bringing more voices to the table, but in practice it has worked very well as a tool for the major parties to get there selected members into parliament whether they are voted for or not.

And the Left? They have always had the propensity for radical action, weather it be Savage in 35 or Lange/Douglas in 84. One can argue about the extent of radical action taken, but Arden in 2017 was clearly something quite different. Overtly extreme far left, President of the IUSY, an acolyte and graduate of Carl Swabes Young Global Leaders forum. She made it clear from the start that she would use a “whole of government approach” to change New Zealand to align with globalist Marxist principles. Does that include governing for the best interests of New Zealanders? Not really, the feel good factor of virtue signalling on the international stage carries a lot of weight with these people. And that in itself tells us something. These international communists know they are involved in pushing a global revolution, and to the useful idiots like Trudeau and Ardern the fact that their own countries did not need globalism and the attempt to impose it would only harm the interests of there own people is not seen -by them, as any reason to doubt the overall moral purity of their goals. They will always appeal to and justify their actions by an assumed higher purpose. One that put’s their own people and countries at risk, but which is a small price to pay for “saving the planet” or ‘humanity’.

He Puapua is a product of the United Nations, the Labour governments implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. It hammers away at the foundations of New Zealand society creating division and discord, curiously in keeping with a culturally Marxian agenda. The advancement of the competing claims to sovereignty by Maori groups also works to de-legitimise the existing political structure. The former creates widespread racial discord, by creating a split grievance/guilt based society, the later fractures the government. All a rather convenient turn of events for a foreign power who’s perennial modus operandi has always been to collapse the structure from within so that when all is chaos and confusion, when violence is on the streets and people are going hungry. Then at the moment of social breakdown they present a solution. Their solution, the one they had planned all along. The globalist agenda of total control; and the people will thank them for it.

The government has done nothing to confront or counter the claims of the several Maori groups claiming unique sovereignty over New Zealand. Indeed these groups for all their anti government rhetoric, do not appear to have broken the Law. Far from it, they appear to go out of there way to stick meticulously to the letter of the Law, apparently in the hope that they will succeed in using the governments own laws against them. There is the Wakaminenga Health Council, The Mauri Nation and the Home Guard Global group.

I am reminded of an old maxim “my enemies enemy is my friend”. This however does not always hold true. It is quite possible to have two enemies both of which are also mutual enemies – a Mexican stand-off if you will. I’m not suggesting that that is the situation between the Maori groups, Government and ‘other New Zealanders’, I’m just saying that my enemies enemy is not always my friend! If I don’t like the government, and neither does the WMG, that fact alone doesn’t necessarily make Wakaminenga my best strategic ally!

Many New Zealanders are finding themselves at odds with this government and are are looking for a freedom oriented solution. We are inclined to align ourselves with any group that seems to be making headway against the encroachment of the government on our personal rights and freedoms (medical freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of speech etc). Before supporting a group that appears to be against the same things as us. We should first of all find out what we are FOR, what are OUR interests, and please lets stop pretending that we don’t have group interests. Everyone else does and so do we. Embrace it.

There may very well be an overarching design, a subversive influence, especially when you see different techniques used in different countries of the erstwhile West all working in there own way to bring about a general collapse of confidence in existing government structures. Whether by accident or design there does indeed seem to be a clear symbiosis between the government intent and the Maori drive to assert sovereignty.

Should European New Zealanders embrace Co-Governance/Maori government?

Lets assume I am a standard common garden variety deracinated cultureless White man with no history and no identity. The white canvas on which other peoples paint their culture. Why not embrace co-governance? What’s not to like, white Europeans are always keen to promote the great benefits of cultural identity when it comes to other peoples, well here’s a chance to assume a cultural identity for ourselves, it’s not our own, but that’s ok, we can be adopted (whangaied that is) into the sanitised contemporary Maori world. It’s a contemporary creation of globalist convenience, bearing little resemblance to the realities of pre-settlement Maori life. The convenient benefit for globalist (read international communist) control is that Europeans will never again respond to the pull of their own kith and kin, they will never know Wordsworth, Coleridge, or Shakespere and never appreciate the staggering contribution of European science and technology or appreciate the creative genius that gave rise to the classic works of art in music, poetry, architecture or painting. The blossoming of the European ethos over the last 500 years was far more than military conquest and global empire. If Europeans did have a little more understanding of their own identity with a little more Racial confidence and self respect, and this stands for all European populations around the world. The chances are, we would be far less likely to stand idly by while our history is denigrated, our people insulted and our countries overrun. A situation that globalist interests would find intolerable!

It can seem confusing and contradictory to understand the globalist agenda until we realise the ultimate goal is the creation of a unitary global population, easily manipulable without the ability or even the desire to resist the imposition of a world State. A globally distributed strong self aware ethno-cultural identity like White Europeans is a terrifying prospect to the globalist conception of world socialism. Hence the UN support for small indigenous cultural groups combined with the ongoing denigration and undermining by any means possible of the prior global European population. This explains the apparent inconsistency with the UN at once supporting indigenous rights, race and ethnicity on the one hand whilst at the same time doing everything it can to destroy European Racial identity. It’s not that they hate culture passé, they just hate ours.

To break off bite sized chunks of the collective global White population and have them identify as something else, even speaking another language is a great technique – along with mass migration and media promotion of miscegenation,- to perform a legally sanctioned, even morally virtuous form of soft genocide. It doesn’t matter who or what we identify with, in this case its Maori, but anything would do.

One reason to become a member of the Maori Government may be to take advantage of the pathway to personal sovereignty that they make available to their members, or their principled stand against vaccine and mask mandates. Neither should there be any reason to turn your back on your own faith or culture by becoming a member of WMG. However their web site does make it clear “A strong Maori cultural framework is part of living in Aotearoa Nu Tireni, and All peoples are invited to be part of and learn our values, history, customs, culture, and language as a thriving and living culture.WMG.

I see no reason at this point to doubt that the co-governance agenda will continue to gain strength and the Maori sovereignty groups and will continue to become more influential.

The point here is to provide some clarity and perspective on why we are being presented with four or five different Maori groups now in New Zealand that are all canvassing for the support, moral, financial and ideological, of all New Zealanders

The WMG website talks about taking on their customs and culture, contemporary Europeans generally draw a blank when we think of culture, it’s something other peoples have but which doesn’t apply to us. This is a dangerous miss-conception, dangerous because a lack of understanding makes us easy meat for organisations such as WMG that can sign us up with a few sweet promises for something that we really have no knowledge of.

We should perhaps ask the question “why do I not have a culture?“. Or “what is my culture?” . After many decades of educational indoctrination we now have a full spectrum demographic that believes that European culture is either irrelevant or unworthy. Most would be hard pressed to even come up with a description. One of the best books I have read on the essence of what it means to be European is ‘Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells’ by Frank Raymond, (an ethnic Indian) in which he itemises the numerous things we take for granted but which sets us apart as a unique group on the world stage. See my review of his book here.

It may well be worthwhile joining WMG if only to pursue the sovereignty objective. However it is not the only way to pursue sovereignty and once we have considered the cultural and political aspects we may well find that there are better alternatives.

And when it comes to co-governance, no, we should not accept what they are calling Co-Governance. It’s an obvious fraud that should be rejected out of hand. We should build our own. That much should be obvious.

3 thoughts on “Co-Governance and European New Zealanders: Part 2

  1. I understand what is happening. What I dont understand is who is the power behind the scenes. The power behind the throne so as to speak. Who is the mastermind. Who is pulling the strings. Who instructed Key to send Sharples to New York.


    1. A good question and I think it’s a common expectation that there should be a singular answer to the “who-dun-it” of our age. I’m not going to get into David Ike’s lizard people or the off planet Demiurge, you don’t need a conspiracy. Neither do I go along with Spengler’s cycles of civilizations; just because civilizations are repeatedly murdered at the height of their achievement does not make it a natural process that we should pay no regard to, any more that the ongoing rape of English girls by immigrants is natural simply because no one has the balls to stop it. We should not allow the repeated successes of evil to demoralize us into accepting our fate as “natural”.
      All you need is one ethno-religious cult with a powerful supremacist ideology and global mission and subversive reach to infiltrate and posses the gates of our culture and the inevitable result will be the dissolution of the West. Yes there are traitors-a-plenty but without that corrosive element providing an ideological framework that makes treachery seem like a moral duty (to the deceived), one can only wonder at the amazing world we would be living in today.


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