TheEuropeanNewZealander.net is an online magazine dedicated to the unique interests of New Zealanders of European descent. In the 3rd decade of the 21st century, White New Zealanders find themselves in an uncomfortable and somewhat disorientating position. All around the world, in all the previously White homogenous homelands the same phenomenon of mass immigration has meant our previously unchallenged cultural dominance in the countries built by our ancestors is undermined and everything we have previously taken for granted is now thrown into doubt and disarray. 

In the years ahead questions of belonging and identity will take on new importance as the founding stock of our homeland become just one group in a tapestry of ethnic-cultural communities from all corners of the world. We will be forced to examine what it means to be a European in New Zealand; who are we? What is our history? Where are we from? Do we, like everyone else, have a racial identity? And if so is it somehow wrong for us to recognize that in ourselves, while we encourage all others to do so for themselves, and to celebrate that identity with pride as a healthy part of who we are?

These are important questions for us to answer, the current multicultural reality has crept up on us almost imperceptibly and for the children of European parents growing up in a cultural dispensation that is inherently anti-white can and will be extremely damaging. That is why this platform exists. For years we have gone out of our way to highlight the contribution that other minorities have made to the development of our country, but we have neglected- in fact, gone further than neglect, we have deliberately downplayed and even demonized our own role in creating this beautiful country we call home.

The focus here is not on the politics behind these massive cultural changes taking place, there are many other YouTube channels and web sites that address directly the reasons for these cultural changes, The European New Zealander exists to provide positive content and a healthy self-image so that our people and children will be equipped to face with confidence the challenges of the future.

Chris McCabe
May 2020