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The graph below from the Taxpayers Union highlights a problem we are seeing across the western civilization.  The feminine desire for safety or the appearance of safety at any cost predisposes women to political charlatans who will use the language of human rights, safety and morality to implement policies that curtail our freedoms, introduce draconical legislation against freedom of speech, and threaten to split the country on racial lines.



We have reprinted the article below from the “My Incredible Opinion” blog by Forrest Maready in which Forrest analyses the devastating effects of our matriarchal society.



The world continues to fall apart and for those of you still able to think independently—or at all—I want to try and explain what’s going on.

I was raised under the impression that everyone wanted freedom. That’s why people risked their lives to come to the United States—because they wanted freedom. That’s why men fought and died in battle—to preserve our freedom. This may be already obvious to some of you, but what I’ve realized in the time since I’ve become an adult is that not everyone wants freedom, and in fact, MOST people don’t want it. They may want FREE STUFF. They may want freedom from responsibility. They may want freedom from being told they are wrong, or are dumb, or are not allowed to do something, but when it comes actual freedom, most people actually don’t want it. When you are truly free, your life becomes your own responsibility, and most people don’t like that. They want other people to take care of them. When you’re truly free, your family’s safety and well-being becomes YOUR responsibility, and most people don’t want that. They want to outsource it to the police. Government. Health officials. Anyone, but themselves.

It turns out there are only a small group of people who actually want to be free. When you have a country built upon the notion of freedom that’s full of people who DON’T like or want freedom, the nature of the country is going to change. It doesn’t matter what the law says, or the fancy pieces of paper you store in museums say—if the majority of the people in your country don’t want freedom, you are not going to have freedom.

America, at one point, was full of voters who treasured freedom. But several things changed that over the last 100 years. Giving women the right to vote was probably the single biggest blow to being able to sustain a free country. Most women, by their nature, do not want to be free. They are genetically disposed to seek help and protection beyond what they are able to do on their own. This is a feature, not a bug. It is the nature of men to offer this help and protection. The resulting partnerships should result in strong families, the sums of which are greater than just their parts.

When you give women the power to ask for help and protection through political channels, many will take to it very quickly. They will gladly give up nearly any freedom in exchange for the promise of they and/or their families being taken care of. That is their number one concern in life, naturally, something for which the sacrifice of personal freedom appears to be so far away that it doesn’t bother them.

You can clearly see this in feminist-run countries like Australia and New Zealand, where any semblance of freedom has been thrown on the trash pile in exchange for the promise of protecting their citizens from a viral infection. In a matriarchal, feminist society, safety is THE most important function for government. It doesn’t matter what you lose in the process. The ability to project out 5 years, 20 years, and say the cost of giving up these freedoms is not worth the cost—it’s just not going to happen with women leading government programs. It is not in their DNA to make these kinds of long-term decisions. “Do I feel safe, right now?” Every political decision is based on answering that single emotion-driven question.

Unfortunately, many of the world’s nations have transitioned into various forms of matriarchal, fear-based governments. Rather than concerning themselves with providing their citizens FREEDOM, they have become obsessed with providing them with SAFETY, no matter what kinds of freedom have to be given up along the way. This is an extremely unfortunate sequence of events because America once provided a lot of freedom for its citizens that wanted it. For the most part, it stayed out of the safety business and reminded people that it was your job to protect yourself and your family from harm. There were enough people in political office and enough people voting for them that understood this distinction to keep the United States a freedom-focused country.

Over the past one hundred years, America has nearly completed its transition into a feminist-led, matriarchal society that is driven by fear rather than freedom. Many men have been emasculated in the process and now look to the government (rather than themselves) to assuage their wives’ fears and need for safety. Unable to project any sort of masculine traits, the only comfort they can provide their wives is through voting for evermore safety-focused politicians and legislation.

This is a profound shift that is inevitable in any society or nation where women can express their desire for safety over freedom through political elections—particularly acute in societies where women are encouraged to live their lives free from the bonds of marriage or motherhood.

Women also have a natural instinct for agreeableness. For getting along with other people. It’s sometimes called the “tend and befriend” instinct—an anxiety-driven response that is completely the opposite of the male-centered “fight or flight” instinct. Women do not like creating tension and conflict. They try and avoid it. They try and find common ground. “Can’t we all just get along?” they might ask in a tense situation. Again, this is a feature, not a bug. We want our mothers and wives to be this way—within the domestic sphere. We do NOT want this as a primary feature of politics or diplomacy. We want to project power and strength, not weakness. It even ends up destroying other things like science or mathematics, fields of study that are rigorous and must hold up to academic scrutiny. If you propose a hypothesis, you must be ready to defend it if the data does not appear to support it. If you are a peer-reviewer, you must be ready to dismantle a hypothesis if the data does not appear to support it, no matter how much it may hurt the feelings of the person who originally proposed it. Emotion-driven science and math end up killing people through collapsed bridges or misguided drug approvals and a million other unintended consequences.

Agreeableness is a necessary component of domestic life but can be deadly outside of it. The desire for safety rather than freedom has led to tyrannical governments that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and once free societies are suffering greatly for it. As we look to what the future might look like, a return to a patriarchal society driven by men who treasure freedom above safety will be necessary to avoid falling into the misery of the matriarchal nations we now live amongst. And that is my incredible opinion.



The demise of the Alpha Male.

By Nicolae
700 Words

I do not think we can hope for better things now. We shall stick it out to the end but we are weaker of course and the end cannot be far. It seems a pity but I do not think I can write more‘. Such were the last words of Captain Falcon Scott. Previously his comrade (a word which used to have gravitas) Captain Oates went to the deadly blizzard saying “I am going outside now I may be some time’) In a heroic but vain attempt to give his party a better albeit slim chance of survival.

Such were the Gallant men of yesteryear. Men who volunteered to cross the Seas to fight to the death and risk severe and crippling injury to fight for freedom and their way of life. As was the case in the first world war which broke out a mere 2 years later. These were the best of British and the commonwealth ..men beyond men for whom tears were a sign of weakness and when effeminacy was unwelcome. Such Valour has since been reinvented as toxic.

I wonder what such men would have thought of the emasculated mincing Ladeda… (pictured) which passes for masculinity today.

Suicide has become pandemic among men when it was rightly once called the cowards way out. Hence there were very few suicides in the past when being stoic was celebrated. When times were tough in the past Men just fought harder and did not celebrate weakness as the MSM purveyors of Cultural Marxism do today” “It is ok to cry. It is okay to be weak….” Taking an act of weakness and curing said weakness with more weakness. Only the left can see value in an Oxymoron. More aptly called Moronic.

The mass invasion of Europe by Islamics and Third World archaics was welcomed in a way that would have been unthinkable in days passed is due to Freudian psychoanalysis which pathologizes any sense of European Hierarchical structure. (The Father is head of the household provider Mother nurturer ) Hence the foundation for modern civilized society.

The essence of any armed force is to defend one’s borders, for borders and the defence thereof is what defines a nation. The defenders being, of course, the before mentioned stoic men. The best way to weaken a civilization is cultural relativity. Men can now be women, women can now be men and everyone can cry together. Destroy the concept of masculinity and the once proud nation can be usurped with ease. Of course, illiterate third worlders can using the terms “Refugee” AKA cowardly deserters usually military-aged men from the third world can get love sympathy free food clothes housing and be a voting block for they can put up candidates for more unarmed invasion. The women and children can be brought in at leisure after the locals have been raped and assaulted with impunity given said locals fear of being called a racist and culturally insensitive. Again emotional surrender.

Perhaps it is time to celebrate stoicism Put New Zealanders first and close the borders to the insanity of prostration and surrender to the PC concept of “Toxic Masculinity”. Reclaim your manhood, be proud of your strength of character and be not ashamed of your European identity. Big boys do not cry. If a feminist is howling at you then you have done something right.

NZ First used to be worthy of the title. Winston once won over 30% support by running on an anti-immigration ticket. Presently he signed the UN compact while simultaneously singing the virtues of being a responsible global citizen. Euphemism for bring in more Third worlders at the expense of our own homeless. Well Done Winny, alienate your voting base and as an NZ First supporter, you have a right to be pissed. Seek those parties which don’t mention feelings, compassion or any other Cultural Marxist speak for emasculation and effeminacy. Be proud be strong put simply take it like a man.

It was the warrior who won the western world, not the coward but it will be the cowards who will lose it.