Leftist Hate Crimes and Terrorism

Labour’s Ideological Cousins Run Amok in USA

K R Bolton
1800 Words

Antifa has been invigorated by the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning the epochal Roe vs. Wade (1973) that resurrected mass child sacrifice via abortion. A campaign called Jane’s Revenge has been formed by Anarchists as autonomous cells across the USA, in the manner of the long-running Antifa terrorist campaign, targeting Catholic and other pro-life and motherhood-assistance centres as a warning that should Roe vs. Wade be overturned, and state legislatures be given the prerogative to tighten abortion laws, then terrorism will be escalated across the USA.

Not that we will hear of such matters in New Zealand. The focus remains on a mythical “far right international terrorist conspiracy” that serves as justification for the suppression of critics of globalisation and “replacement migration” (to use the U.N. term). Nor in the USA itself for that matter, does the mainstream media seem to have revealed much about the widespread terror and hate campaign by the Left, focusing rather on the arrest of thirty-one members of the Patriot Front intending to counter-protest a LGBT+++ march, with spurious references to the intention of the PF being “violent”. [1]

The facts about the hate speech and terror campaign must be gleaned from reports provided by the victims.

  • The Department of Homeland Security “officially notified the bishops there are credible threats to the safety of Catholic churches, clergy, and bishops if the Supreme Court overturns Roe”. [2]

The far-Left hate speech and terror campaign has taken the form of the following:

  • May 8, 2022, Seattle, Washington: During Mass, pro-abortion activists lay on the outside steps of St. James Cathedral with fake blood on their clothes, holding coat hangers.
  • May 8, 2022, Salem, Oregon: Oregon Right to Life’s offices were attacked with “incendiary devices” late Sunday night.
  • May 8, 2022, Manassas, Virginia: First Care Women’s Health pro-life pregnancy centre was vandalized with graffiti reading: “abortion is a right.”
  • May 8, 2022, Los Angeles, California, Pro-abortionists attempt to disrupt Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
  • May 8, 2022, Madison, Wisconsin: The headquarters of pro-life advocacy group Wisconsin Family Action was set ablaze in the early hours of the morning on Mother’s Day. A Molotov cocktail was thrown into one of the offices through a window. Although it failed to ignite, arsonists started another fire that burned one of the walls and wrote in graffiti on the outside of the building, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” the slogan of Jane’s Revenge.
  • May 8, 2022, Katy, Texas: The tabernacle of St. Bartholomew the Apostle Catholic Church was stolen. Members of the pro-abortion group Ruth Sent Us had announced on Twitter, “We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries.”
  • May 8, 2022, Houston, Texas: The words “Pro-choice is pro-life” were spray-painted on the front and side doors of Holy Rosary Catholic Church.
  • May 7, 2022, Washington, D.C.: A man vandalized the headquarters of Concerned Women for America (CWA) by ripping out its intercom system and urinating on CWA’s door and windows. “This is an activist who has made it very clear that he doesn’t like our position on the issue of life and other issues, including the idea that biological women matter. For the last few weeks, he has harassed our staff, he’s thrown things at our building, and he’s thrown things on cars inside our secure parking area,” CWA President Penny Nance stated.
  • May 7 or 8, 2022, Denton, Texas: A pro-life pregnancy center called the Loreto House was vandalized over Mother’s Day weekend, with graffiti sprayed on its doors, walls, and street sign. The messages read, “Not a clinic” and “Forced birth is murder.”
  • May 7, 2022, New York: Abortion activists blocked the entrance to Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, taunting pro-life activists who were gathered for a monthly prayer vigil that they have held “for 14 years on the first Saturday of every month. ‘I’m killing the babies!” one protester screamed while waving around dolls wearing a one-piece bathing suit.
  • May 7, 2022, St. John XXIII Catholic parish in Fort Collins, Colorado was vandalized by a masked man who spray-painted “MY BODY MY CHOICE” on the Church.
  • May 7, 2022, Maryland and Northern Virginia: Pro-abortion protesters descended on the homes of Supreme Court justices, and Justice Samuel Alito – who authored the leaked Roe vs. Wade opinion – and his family were moved to an “undisclosed location” for their safety.
  • May 6, 2022, Portland, Oregon: Pro-life activist Lila Rose tweeted images of a pro-life pregnancy center vandalized by “Antifa pro-abort men.” They are “attacking and putting out hits on pregnancy centers in Portland, OR,” Rose reported. “Because it drives pro-abort men to violent rage to think that women will have support to choose life.”
  • May 3, 2022, Boulder, Colorado: Sacred Heart of Mary parish was vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti. [3]
  • Just before midnight on May 28, Jane’s Revenge spray-painted a wall of the Archdiocese of Miami’s Respect Life office with the message “If abortions aren’t SAFE, then niether (sic) are you” and anarchist symbols, Florida Catholic Newspaper reported. [4]
  • Buffalo, June 7, Pro-life pregnancy center CompassCare was firebombed by Jane’s Revenge. [5]
  • Eastpointe, Michigan, June 14, three women waving green scarfs disrupted Mass at St. Veronica Catholic Church, shouting “Overturn Roe? Hell, no!” and “Abortion without apology!” The psycho-antics were videoed and posted to TikTok, and Twitter by “Refuse Fascism Ohio,” with the caption, “Disrupting ‘business as usual’ at a woman hating Catholic church – Get to DC #SCOTUS#RiseUp4Abortion#Green4Abortion.” The group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights is calling on people to “wear green and raise hell”. [6]

Sunsara Taylor, an “initiator” of www.riseup4abortionrights.org, stated on her Twitter account that she is “a follower Bob Avakian and New Communism”, Avakian being founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. [7]

The Anarchist group Jane’s Revenge declares “open season” on pro-life groups, stating in a communique on June, 14:

We promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures. Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti. “From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are. The infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. [8]

Referring to the hate crimes and terrorism across they USA, the communique states:

You have seen us in Madison WI, Ft. Collins CO, Reisertown MA, Olympia WA, Des Moines IA, Lynwood WA, Washington DC, Ashville NC, Buffalo NY, Hollywood FL, Vancouver WA, Frederick MA, Denton TX, Gresham OR, Eugene OR, Portland OR [9]

To businessmen who financially support pro-life groups, the communique warns:

Eventually your insurance companies, and your financial backers will realize you are a bad investment.” … “Everyone with the urge to paint, to burn, to cut, to jam: now is the time. Go forth and manifest the things you wish to see. Stay safe, and practice your cursive.” [10]

To the far-Left, these businessmen– the bourgeoisie –are the meaning of capitalism, intended for extermination in class struggle. They are distinct, indeed, antithetical to, the Soros’s, Rockefellers, and Gates et al, who are the patrons of Leftist causes, and child-murder initiatives, euphemistically called “reproductive rights,” in particular. It is only the small and medium sized businessmen who could be ruined by such threats.

The Left sees this as part of a “revolutionary struggle” against “fascism”, which is regarded as the last stage of capitalism. What they are incapable of understanding is that population control, including abortion, is an essential part of the oligarchic agenda. Such leftist dogmatists cannot be expected to expend much time delving into history, but obviously even the comparatively straight-forward task of looking at the annual reports of the Soros, Ford, Gates and Rockefeller Foundations is beyond their capacity. For many decades, even prior to John D. Rockefeller Jr. funding his friend, the anarchist Margaret Sanger in 1924, the oligarchy has been funding abortion programmes and other means of controlling populations. For the Left to claim that this is some grand revolutionary gesture to “liberate women” from capitalist patriarchy is farcical. [11]

One might look in askance when this movement was originally heralded by that great champion of the “liberated women”, the Marquis de Sade, who regarded the foetus as synonymous with excrement, requiring elimination, so that women need not be bound to family, and hence they are “free” to be exploited and abused by degenerated, mattoid scum of the type represented by de Sade. The Marquis was the founder of “women’s liberation” and “abortion rights”, a hero of the French Revolution; so let’s drop the pretence that this is anything but a psychotic aberration. [12]

Keeping it in the family, in 1969 John D. Rockefeller III, an enthusiast for the New Left “youth revolt” (sic) at the time, which he regarded as being easily co-opted by the Establishment of which he was a leading figure, [13] was appointed to head up the presidential Population Commission, which had representatives from the Population Council, a long-time Rockefeller project; Sanger’s Planned Parenthood, and the Ford Foundation. As one should expect from such a body, the recommendations were for a nationwide liberalised abortion law. [14]

Labour’s Ideological Cousins

Since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 to reinstate Moloch-worship by force of law, there have been over 63,000,000 – sixty-three million – aborted children in the USA. [15]

There have been 1.5 BILIION abortions world-wide over the past fifty years. [16]

An estimated 73 million abortions are carried out throughout the world every year, according to the Guttmacher Institute, the primary pro-abortion organisation. [17]

According to their 2020 financial report, the Guttmacher Institute received 63% of its funding from the oligarchic tax-exempt foundations. That is telling for those who can see. [18]

If we consider 1.5 billion babies killed (over fifty years) as a consequence of leftist doctrine, which provides the façade and rationalization for globalist agendas, the 100,000,000 victims of Communism start looking rather meagre. [19]

Yet whether on the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia or at abortion clinics throughout the world, the Left has been a murderous onslaught, whatever form it has taken.

For this historically unprecedented mass murder of the totally innocent, the Left, whether “moderate”, “centre”, or “far”, from “social democrats” of the Labour Party type to Communists and Anarchists, have provided the ideological and “moral” rationalisation. It is little wonder that their trumpeting of a mythic “far right international terrorist conspiracy” is so loud and so persistent; with its non-sequitur references to “Holocaust”, “genocide”, “white supremacy”, “fascism”, “neo-Nazism”, and the synonymity of “white identity” with “terrorism”. Behind the sleight-of-hand semantic jugglery stands a stark reality: The Left Is Death.

Map Featuring hate crimes and terrorism against Pro-life centres: https://catholicvote.org/pregnancy-center-attack-tracker

[1] An ABC News report referred to the use of shields by the PF as proving violent intent. Rather, the PF has a history of using shields strictly for protection only, and its members are well briefed on the law prior to protests, which are prompt, disciplined and peaceful.

[2] Homeland Security Alerts Catholic Bishops of Threats to Churches, Clergy if Roe is Overturned: Report, 7 June 2022; https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/homeland-security-alerts-catholic-bishops-of-threats-to-churches-clergy-if-roe-is-overturned-report/

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