Not Sorry, Not Ashamed.

On the 22nd June shortly before kickoff while the players were taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter, a light aircraft flew over the stadium trailing a large banner with the words “White Lives Matter Burnley” behind it.

A Linguistic device

The problem with the standard retort of most Whites that “All Lives Matter” is that the phrase lacks context. From the point of view of God, perhaps all lives matter in all contexts. But here on the field of play, in this life on this earth context is important. Black Lives Matter is just another one of the petty linguistic tricks the left uses to suspend thinking and undermine the west. Take a generalized and ill-defined slogan like “Black Lives Matter” – something that no one will disagree with. Get everyone to sign up to that proposition, and now, once the moral noose is comfortably fitted around your neck, people, governments and organizations can be dragged around to support all manner of violence, destruction, and murder, all on the basis of an ill-defined moral absolute.

To take an extreme example, in the case of an invading army that rapes our daughters and kills our young men, are we going to say that their lives matter as much as ours in our homeland, in our towns and villages? Or are we going to defend ourselves and kill the enemy? “All Lives Matter” in that context is the mantra of the defeated. An excuse for inaction, and like Tolerance, the last virtue of a dying civilization.

“White Lives Matter” is better than “All Lives Matter” but still buys into the same moral tit-for-tat point-scoring that ultimately leaves white communities disenfranchised.

In the context of contemporary England, experiencing continuous and increasing Mass non-White immigration, it will be (and has already been proved to be) completely impossible to preserve your status and position in society, by constantly buying into the nefarious slogan “Back Lives Matter”. Even coming back with “All Lives Matter” does not confront the attack head-on. No one ever said Black lives don’t matter, whether they “matter” or not is immaterial to the destruction of English society. To what degree do Black lives matter and on the basis of their mattering, what do they expect us to do about it? Should they be given preferential treatment over the native population because their lives matter?

White populations appear to need to re-learn the attitude of self-defence and winning. We’ve all seen this in Boxing, if Ali had come to the ring and said, “Hey you know we’re all just the same and no one is really better than the other”, would have won and been heavyweight champion of the world? No, he would have remained an also-ran and lived out his life in obscurity. But he didn’t do that. He said, “I’m the greatest!” “I’m the best there has ever been or ever will be!” Weather he thought about if the other guy’s life “mattered” or not is completely irrelevant.

As Achilles plunged his sword into the chest of Hector he was claiming unequivocally “Today, at this time and at this place, MY LIFE MATTERS”. This is brutal, but any attitude short of absolute superiority would have meant utter defeat for Achilles and his men. Any feeble words about weather the Trojans lives mattered would have been immediately put to the sword! As it was the Greeks won the War with the Trojan Horse, which is exactly what words like Racist and phrases like “Black Lives Matter” are to the western mind.

White history is what it is, it’s ours. In our countries our lives matter to us, one thing Europeans must understand if we are to arrest the decline of the west is that we have an a-priori claim to our civilisation. That their lives “matter” in some amorphous way gives them no right or claim to be here, or to wreck anything, or demand anything at all, and certainly not on the basis of this simplistic recourse to moral retribution.

If there is one group to which black lives do not appear to matter too much, it is Blacks themselves, intraracial Black crime statistics are through the roof. The Mattering of Black Lives has never been the point, Black lives certainly mattered a great deal to the Arab slavers, as well as to the Jewish slavers who could tell you exactly how much each one mattered as they crammed them into their ships for the Atlantic voyage.

Black Lives Matter is not an organization concerned with promoting the interests of Blacks in America or minorities anywhere else. It is Marxist artillery used to enfeeble the west, and it has been highly successful due to the altruistic nature of so many gullible and well meaning Whites who eagerly believe all the stories of their own guilt.

Globalized Sport and the moral disconnect between commercial sport and community spirit.

What does it mean when the entire media establishment, including the premier football league, many of the players themselves and the CEO of Burnley Football Club find themselves at odds with the clear intent of the people? This is not an insignificant matter or a disagreement on a minor point of difference. These are fundamental principles of existence. There is no breaching this gap, you cannot reach a negotiated settlement with people for whom your existence is a problem.

How do you arrive at a point where the management is so completely disconnected from the lives and realities of the fans that they confidently make statements that seem almost homicidal to the entire White population. Their incognizant indifference to the lives and feelings of the White population is absolutely staggering. And the Burnley team is almost entirely White, so whats going on?

Here are some of the statements from media and management…

  • The perennial iconoclast Piers Morgan tweeted: ‘A plane flew over the Etihad Stadium tonight with this banner saying ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’. So depressing.’
  • Sports commentator Sam Lee tweeted: ‘There’s a plane flying over the Etihad that says ‘White Lives Matter – Burnley’. F***ing hell, what an absolute embarrassment. Absolute disgrace.’ 
  • “It’s so disheartening. After how far we’ve come in the last couple of weeks, it really does hurt me,” – former City defender Richards.
  • “Please understand the message #BlackLivesMatters is for the good of humanity not just Black lives,” Former Burnley skipper Frank Sinclair. (Is it really plausible that this man does not know of the wholesale destruction of cities across America and the general desecration of White civilization across the world?)
  • Burnley Captain Ben Mee said he was “ashamed and embarrassed“.
  • Neil Hart, Burnley CEO, said he was “disgusted” by the banner and the people who carried out the act. 
  • Iranian Comedian Omid Djalli said: ‘Burnley FC have apologized for an idiotic minority who want a race war. Well done the Premier League for keeping on highlighting injustice.” 

These comments reveal a level of internalized self-negation, they have no community spirit with the fans but only with a generalized community of consumption. 

Shallow thinking justified by implicit self-interest, it is quite possible for a War to be prosecuted completely unnoticed if there is no physical resistance. The Race War this Iranian so-called  “comedian” accuses whites of wanting to start is the one we are already resisting. It is the War that displaces White communities, that discriminates against Whites for housing, jobs and healthcare. Its’s the cultural war that insists that advertising agencies employ only non-white models. It is the War that turns hundreds of thousands of our girls into sex slaves for Pakistani Muslims. And some people are embarrassed about a banner that says WHITE LIVES MATTER! I am embarrassed, but I am embarrassed that our police don’t protect us, our governments ignore us and the best we can muster is a limp epithet about “White Lives Matter”. Now that’s embarrassing.

Why is it not apparent to these people that if the only way to avoid a race war is for the white British people to continually back down from their own sovereignty then the WAR already exists! We are simply living under a regime of oppression with the constant threat of force and legal action if we do not obey our new masters!

These individuals, for whatever reason, have turned their backs on their ethnic group. It is no longer reasonable or plausible that they could not be aware of the status of working-class Whites in England or the rampant destruction and death caused by Black Lives Matter in the US, or the general destruction of European history worldwide.

They have become deracinated, globalized, and internationalized. Willing apostles of the new religion, insulated by money as they are from the real-world effects of multiculturalism, they can safely betray their people and pontificate from their assumed moral high ground. Not that they are aware of the betrayal, they have completely internalised out-group preference. This is the left-wing echo chamber; the fact that they are separated from reality and move in globalist circles all the time creates the echo chamber effect where they actually believe the majority is with them! Or thinks like them.  Hence they are completely unaware that the majority has been deliberately sidelined and are genuinely shocked to the core when finally something occurs to bring them face to face with reality. This is what happened in the US with Trump Derangement Syndrome, after the 2016 election the liberals were having literal nervous breakdowns in public, throwing hysterical tantrums when their world view was finally proved wrong. 

For those reporting outlets that are brave enough to have comments sections, by far the majority are in support of Hepple and his girlfriend Megan Rambadt, 21, who have now both been fired from their jobs.

From the website comments section.

  • “The media may not support you but the people do. Well done!” 13734 upvotes 2787 down. 83% in favour.
  • “As the police said no crime was committed. End of story”.8062 Upvotes 508 down 94% agree
  • “Looking at yesterday’s posts it appeared he had 95% supporting him. I find it appaling that the premiership has black lives matter on the shirts as well as the players taking the knee the fans do not want politics entering into sport” 13087 Upvotes. 1231 Down-Votes 91% in Favor

One incredible thing this time is that the police actually appear to be taking an even hand! Even offering protection to the organiser of the fly-by, Jake Hepple.

Jake was immediately fired from his job at Paradigm Precision, a company that boasts of being a global organization, touting the usual globalist buzz words; Corporate Citizenship, Employee engagement, and “Embrace the Red”, an unfortunate name for an inspection system. One thing they may not have  expected was for the police to find that no crime had been committed. To their amazement, a white man supporting White existence in a White homeland is actually Not illegal! The Company is now open to legal charges of wrongful dismissal.

Out-Group Preference in action.
Out-group preference in action.
This is the benefits page of an English company,
in England, employing English people.

The Beautiful game in the UK is now no less a commercial organisation than any other of the big businesses that own it. The eye-watering amounts paid to players create a whole new class of human being and a powerful incentive to preserve the status quo. Money, investors and players come from all around the globe to participate in the business of Premier League football. National teams no longer represent the people of those lands but are bit players purchased from the global pool on the basis of affordability and the expected Return on investment, winning in the name of the club is everything, Why? Money is Why. Ticket sales and corporate investment is the raison d’être for the obsession. How has this change in focus crept up on us? Where once we would all go to the stadium to enjoy the game, we now face a gladiatorial obsession to win literally at any cost.  

French football team
Without a flag to tell you who they represent,  
it is no longer possible to determine the national side
 from the origin of the players.

The Daily Mail in their weaselling article on Jake Hepples heroic act report his words; “I stand by this banner and what it says 100 per cent. I’m not sorry at all and I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done.” These are the words that should be on every Englishman’s heart. 

It is astonishing that across the board these anti-Whites condemning this simple act of resistance have no self-awareness of the effect their statements will have on the White community! I would like to think that the Whites of Burnely will vote with their feet, their money and their support. They can send this culturally neutered management a message they cannot ignore, return forthwith their supporters shirts and tickets and any other merchandise, over the gates of Turf Moor stadium at Burnley. These pampered elites reveal themselves, their motives and allegiances are clear for all to see now, we no longer need to ask who do They support. Now we know, and it’s not us or indeed anyone; it is money itself.

One thought on “Not Sorry, Not Ashamed.

  1. The players should not have had Black Lives Matter emblazoned on their jerseys. They should not have dropped to one knee.
    They should keep politics out of sport.
    Playing Black, White and Coloured together is sufficient.
    They are idiots for screaming embarrassment. They are the ignorant ones. They went on to lose, I wonder why, maybe they should have concentrated on the game. Idiots. How can anyone be so stupid. To then effectively claim the higher moral ground. Sick.


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