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The Could, The Should and The Likely

This series of articles has taken a theoretical look at the possibilities and outcomes of the Maori separatist movement. With a bias in favour of preserving something of traditional New Zealand. This final part looks at the final outcome of political national separation. It may be the only way to preserve a part of New Zealand where White New Zealanders can have some control over their culture and destiny.

The Could

At some point in this hypothetical analysis, it is necessary to pivot from an outright rejection of He Puapua to a more nuanced Nationalist position that says; yes, people who want to identify as Maori can have their own territory. If that’s what you want, very well. Take it. You have made your grievances clear, there is no way we can placate your demands, so go. It is in both our interests that we have a reasonable separation, we can have equal but separate development.

New Zealand will return to the European dispensation that was and remains the foundation of OUR country. And Aotearoa – if that is what you want to call your country- can have an exclusive Maori oriented society, within your own national boundaries. You will no longer be accused of fostering an apartheid state or deliberately subverting the stability of our country since you will be able to create your own ethnically defined Nation-State within your own national borders. You can teach your children your own outrageous lies about the founding of our country and impose your Maoritanga religion on your population as you wish.

Politically we can deal with each other as allies and friends, we can build a relationship based on trade and mutual self-interest. Aotearoa can have a treaty agreement for defence. And any number of arrangements can be made to facilitate trade and free border movement. Financial arrangements could be modelled on the English-Scottish arrangement whereby you issue your own banknotes but retain parity exchange with the New Zealand dollar. There is an almost infinite range of possibilities for negotiations on trade, telecommunications, power delivery, transport and infrastructure. But these negotiations will cease to be done on the basis of moral blackmail and lies.

In terms of actual territory, Northland seems like an obvious choice for historical reasons, Waitangi, The Bay of Islands and New Zealand’s first capital. A population of 180000 at present. But is this big enough and does it have the capacity to absorb Maori from around the country? Does it have the industrial and commercial base to support a viable Nation-State? Realistically a viable and independent State will need more, and the Maori people would not accept being confined to Northland in the manner of an Indian reservation in any case. Alternatively, the border negotiations could draw a line more or less from Mahia to Tauranga for a territory including basically all of Gisborne and the Bay of Plenty, including Rotorua and making Tauranga or Rotorua your capital city and seat of government.

This is not a small piece of territory and includes the port of Tauranga, and has more than enough resources to constitute a viable country. A land area of over 20,000 square kilometres that includes major fisheries, forestry, horticulture, farming and industry. (BoP; 12,231 Km2. Gisborne; 8,355 km2.) Figures from Wikipedia give a combined GDP of 19.4 Billion for the 2019 year and a current population of 356000.

This separation is difficult to contemplate but may well be the only way to accommodate incompatible people and cultures on the same landmass. Once this arrangement is settled we can both look forward to a fruitful prosperous and permanent future living side by side as good neighbours should. And looking back we will say it really wasn’t that hard. All it took was a little courage and honesty to confront an egregious complex of lies and fabrications and the courage to say enough and mean it.

The Should

One particularly galling aspect of Treatyist activism has been the apparent assumption that New Zealand is occupied ONLY by Maori and Whites. European New Zealanders have already reduced rapidly to 66% [] and the treatyists completely ignore the 14% Asian population, the 8% pacific population and the people that make up the other 160 different ethnic groups in New Zealand. The Maori supremacist attitude simply lumps all the None Maori New Zealanders into the same group and then expects national deference to their cultural hegemony.

I have said for many years that the best interests of the Maori people lie with preserving the European cultural balance that Maori people have- for better or worse- adapted to over the last 200 years. This advice of course has fallen on deaf ears. And it could have been a lot worse for Maoridom, in fact, one could argue the best thing that ever happened to the Maori people was Colonisation by the British Empire of the nineteenth century.

In another timeline they could perhaps have remained uncolonised in perpetuity, with the wars, slavery and cannibalism that characterized pre European Maori, continuing forever. Or perhaps New Zealand could have been settled by the Portuguese or the Spanish a couple of hundred years earlier, also with less than humanitarian outcomes.

No, it is clear from a factual tour of our history in New Zealand that European settlement provides a sound basis for the confidence and self-respect of the European population. And regarding the contemporary Maori identified population; they too should realise that the people from whom they are descended made a conscious decision to abandon the old ways of Tikanga with its recurring and continuous cycles of Utu. They called for English Law, and abandoned the old ways, freed the slaves and began the process of rebuilding their people, society and culture under the protection of the Law. That was the revolutionary decision they made for the survival of their people and the object for which they signed a Treaty at Waitangi in February 1840. It is something for which contemporary Maori should be intensely thankful for and proud of having achieved. Rather than remaining as children, consumed by malevolent envy and bitter resentment.

With Nationalist and nativist sympathies, the European Right has far more in common than we have to argue about with the Maori people, Racial awareness, the importance of family, ancestry, culture and our relationship to the natural world and sense of place and belonging. But with UN encouragement these laudable cultural values have been weaponised against the very existence of our country, the one of which Maori descended people represent about 16%.

An honest appraisal of History Should serve as the basis for a symbiotic relationship between the cultural identities in New Zealand. Preserving racial and cultural identity for both peoples. But this simply can not happen while Maori activists are peddling a false narrative of grievance and venom against the government. Setting themselves apart from the country – their own country-, as a whole so as to attack it from within and ultimately destroy it.

What would a symbiotic NZ look like? The other cultural denominations do not attempt to dominate or subsume the European dispensation but they still manage to pursue their culture, through traditional dress, beliefs, food and language art and history. We now have in NZ a petition by the Maori party to officially change the name of New Zealand to Aotearoa plus change the names of all towns, cities and place names to Maori. Most New Zealanders do not speak Maori, the government, without consultation, at least not with the people most affected by these dramatic changes – has just arbitrarily started using Maori names everywhere. The compliant news media just simply starts talking Maori as if everyone knows what they are talking about, but they don’t.

They can call them what they like but the names are the names that mean something to the 85 % none Maori population. In some jurisdictions, signs are found in two languages. But they do not completely overwrite and change the underlying name.

In terms of television broadcasting. We already have in New Zealand a dedicated Maori language television channel that offers a full complement of programming, news and current affairs. Maori News Maori Television. Having a language arbitrarily forced on the none Maori population is rude, presumptuous and deliberately antagonising to the people that built modern New Zealand. The fact is we already had a Maori culture that operated parallel to the White New Zealand Culture. We already had Full immersion Maori schools, the Marai, special fishing rights for Maori etc. The fact is that the Maori people have not been at a material disadvantage in New Zealand for decades; now please excuse the colloquialism but this whole He Puapua approach to take over the country is just taking the piss! It has to be wound back to a level where each culture can actually breathe; that is, express itself within the framework of a contemporary world.

If it’s symbiotic that means there are benefits that flow both ways. Now we have a problem here because if there is one thing that white New Zealand does not need it is excessive taxation to fund a group of malevolent finger-pointing wankers. If only one side of the equation is working to provide benefits and concessions to the other then symbiosis it is Not!

Confluence of Interests.

The common interests of Maori Activists, globalist Bureaucrats and corporate oligarchs converge on the anti white agenda.

It has been in the interests of the United Nations as a globalist organisation to undermine the hegemony of homogeneous populations. To break down the multi-polar world that in their view was dangerous to world peace. New Zealand, as a white English country had to be mongrelised in the same way as all the other countries of the prior anglosphere. To that end, Maori activism has proven to be an excellent tool to subvert, degenerate and ultimately destroy the English character of our country.

Global corporate interests also see only upside in the annihilation of racial and cultural difference. Imagine not having to tailor products and marketing to different peoples and markets, corporate elites who already have wealth beyond imagining, salivate at the prospect of a global singular market, without borders or barriers, with a unified currency and a common culture of consumerism! The corporate wet dream is well on the way to becoming reality. And if on the way to accomplishing their aim they have to wipe out populations, destroy culture and civilisation then whatever; that is of no concern to them.

The Likely

The Maori activists have proved themselves useful and gullible stooges to the globalist agenda, believing that they will come out on top when they have destroyed our country culturally and economically. Sitting atop the ashes of our country, puffing their chests out like Mussolini the new chiefs of Aotearoa will preside over a multiracial basket case obligated to sell off the assets, farms and fishing rights to China for one-off cash payments that will leave the country like the installed raj of India taking their orders not from the British but from global corporate interests if you’re lucky. And if we’re not lucky, we simply become a vassal state of China, forced to accept Chinese trawlers helping themselves to the same seabed and foreshore the Treatyists fought so hard to take away from crown ownership. The forestry owned entirely by offshore interests for the benefit of foreign shareholders or the CCP.

Sounds rather gloomy but it really is time we consider the possible outcome of continuing on our present course. I suggest a realistic view of the world of 2040 New Zealand is not as rosy as some of these naïve treatyists have led themselves to believe.

In this piece I have presented a picture of what could happen; national divorce and the creation of the nation state of Aotearoa. What should happen; Honest reconciliation, acceptance of race realism and a symbiotic nationhood, and what is most likely to happen; a continuation of the fracturing and disintegration of our country. As things stand today this writer sees nothing on the horizon to indicate that that last unfortunate outcome can be averted. Most people still do not recognise the plenary victory and threat that left wing ideology represents to the western civilisation. Left wing ideas are deeply rooted in the moral framework and even religious ideals of White Europeans. Out-group preference, guilt, and a complete failure many times to even recognize we have group interests at all. These are the subject for another time, but suffice to say that the psychological state of contemporary White society is self-destructive and culturally sick. No other people behave in this way, other groups have racial, cultural historical pride and look to the future with confidence.

After the collapse of classical civilisation, the curtain fell on liberty and free thinking in Europe and the dark ages endured for a thousand years before the European spirit finally broke through again in the European renaissance. The iconoclasm of the totalitarian left is much like the early Christian destruction of the classical world. Only this time it’s global. The communists are winning, and a big part of their victory will be the elimination of the people who created the civilisation in the first place.

The age that we are all slowly witnessing the dawn of will be long, and dark. It seems at this stage impossible to overstate the magnitude of the current disaster. All around most people can still afford the luxury of casual apathy and disinterest . If there is one factor that could make a difference, it is information. Never before have we had access so much information or the ability to communicate so easily available. Even in a world of overwhelming censorship it is still there for those who seek it. Having the information is one thing, the willingness to use it something else entirely.

Catherine Nixey: The Darkening Age. The Christian Destruction of the Classical World
J Robinson: He Puapua. Blueprint For Breaking Up New Zealand.
Twisting The Treaty. A Tribal Grab For Wealth And Power.

6 thoughts on “Aotearoa

  1. Rather gloomy perspectives. As for the “Could”, I came from Czechoslovakia and after the fall of communism when the different political tendencies, grievances on both sides, blames on both sides etc. appeared, we split to Czech Republic and Slovakia. I tought it was the end of all hopes. In reality it was not. Now the two nations live in two states, have friendly relationship and neither can blame the other for their own failures. But here in New Zealand it wouldn’t be so simple as there is no defined Maori territory.
    As for the “Should”, my opinion is that all people are equal nad basically the same. The “Happy End” would be if everyone will acknowledge this fact and voluntarily accept absolute “colourblindness” including no Maori Party and no cards in which you have to state your race and ethnicity when in the waiting room for a doctor appointment. With that we all will agree that the system that proved to be the best for the basic human rights (life, liberty, security) is Western democracy and capitalism and will adapt the political system so that it won’t be able to cross these lines without referenda.
    As for the “Likely”, it seems the most gloomy of all. There are sparks of hope. The children of the generation of Maori activists that seems to be so strong now, will be fed up with vain propaganda that is actually only a smokescreen behind which is the sad reality of their lives compared with the lives of others (as we in Czechoslovakia, heavily brainwashed, realized when confronted with Western democracy and as is happening in the North Korea etc.) will realize on their own skin that their leader’ s solutions “by Maoris for Maoris” applying Maori tikanga etc. are harmful and keep them in isolation not dissimilar to the one their ancestors had experienced before the Europeans came. For Non-Maoris the best way to cope with it is to stop pouiring money on Maori projects. If they want separate Healthcare, let them have it and pay for it etc.

    Just one small note: look at History, all evil has the seeds of destruction in itself.

    Alexandra Corbett Dekanova


    1. What a nightmare scenario, and the one that is being pushed by the globalist oligarchy – an amorphous mass of humanity undifferentiated by any differences,; automatons defined by production and consumption.


      1. Yes, it is gloomy, if you look at history, it was never bright. But there is the way, the truth and the life for all.
        Alexandra Corbett Dekanova


    2. Your experience from Czechoslovakia is instructive, good borders make for good neighbors.

      As for Aotearoa, the reality is that the current government is intent on handing them all of New Zeeland on a plate. Only vigorous resistance from NZ citizens will force Maori to negotiate a separate state or accept the status quo.

      Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda would certainly go a long way to reigning in the excesses of universal franchise. The system however is designed to prevent change, JA owns the media.


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