Obedience Training.

From the Wellington Stand to Star Trek…

The agglomeration of groups and ideologies gathered in wellington on 9-11 2021 would normally have very little in common. In broad strokes, largely Maori and White liberals. The event was organized by the Freedom and Rights Coalition, a group started by members of Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church. Easily identified as the dark sunglass and suit-wearing Maori who seem to fancy themselves as special agents, CIA spooks or the like; regardless they put on a well planned and disciplined event and from their experience at the pulpit many demonstrate real oratory talent. 

A large number of the 1835 Treaty of independence flags were also in evidence. These groups claim sovereignty to ALL of New Zealand and at this point represent an interesting wrinkle in the image of unity promoted for the event. Jacinda has given the Activist Maori everything they asked for and more and they have become extremely powerful as a result; becoming quite possibly the Frankenstein monster she will not be able to control. Jacinda’s Maori were all very useful while their own private goals happened to coincide with her globalist agenda, but they were never supposed to start calling the shots themselves.

The only group that was not in evidence was the old school political right, members of the now-defunct National Front or any other group of that ilk. The racially and politically aware White European conservatives. The ones who would recognise the incongruity in a crowd flying two flags ostensibly representing the same bit of dirt. Fortunately, most of the blue rinse liberals flying their NZ flags have no idea what that other flag is, and certainly don’t recognise any ideological threat to their happy view of New Zealand as the cutesy Telly Tubby Land we are all forced to love. That was the view Jacinda presented to the country and was voted for at the last election. In fact, I would be very surprised if the vast majority of those present, Maori and Pakeha were not committed Labour supporters last time around. The Mothers Group were also present and put on an impressive ‘Mothers Cry’. Also, many self-negating beta whites and left-wing useful idiots; whites pretending to be ‘Maori’ because they have no culture of their own etc.

There was a perceptible contradiction right there in the crowd for those willing to see. And the sense of unity they worked so hard to present on the day could very quickly evaporate as Group aims come to the fore in the months ahead.

To the central issue of vaccine mandates.

What is happening to us as a people. And what is the point of forcing an entire population to follow utterly unreasonable and unnecessary directives?

It is the rise of the obedient society, it is evident everywhere. It can be seen on our roads in motorists who obediently follow all signs to the letter and for extra virtue points, extend the rules to themselves just a little further so they can feel that little bit more special. Travelling well below the posted speed limit and continuing to crawl along on road works sections where the guys have clearly finished for the day.

I am reminded of a star trek episode in which Jean-Luc Picard is captured and put to torture by the evil Cardassian Gul Madred. (Youtube). The method is simple enough, the interrogator needs to know the Federation’s defensive strategy for an upcoming war with the Cardassians. But how to break the will of Jean-Luc Picard and thus secure his obedience and subservience? This will become very important later.

Madred asks only that Picard agree that there are FIVE lights instead of FOUR hanging on the wall behind his desk.

Picard refuses to say what is not true and is tortured as a result… Day after day the same routine is played out, the Cardassian is pleasant enough at first, but always he returns to the central question of the lights. And Picard continues to insist on the objective truth and continues to pay the painful consequences.

The theme is obvious. Picard regards adherence to truth and objective fact as a central part of his identity; it is who he IS. The Cardassian knows this, he knows that if he can break the soul of the man by making him compromise on the objective reality of his senses then Picard will be his, and the rest will be easy. To get Picard to admit to himself and the Cardassian standing in front of him something that both of them know to be false will mean the humiliation and complete subjugation of the will of the captain of the Enterprise to the will of the Cardassian. The more simplistic and obvious the task the better; there can be no misunderstanding or reasoning away your failure after the fact, in the case of the lights it is a simple count, do you see Four or Five lights?

Picard is subjected to repeated sessions of pain deprivation and torture, all apparently because he refuses to say there are five lights instead of four. Picard wants the pain to stop to such an extent that in the final scene his own mind told him there were in indeed FIVE lights just as The Cardassian had said all along.

The Cardassian had succeeded in changing Picard’s perception of reality, and from that point on, the interrogation would be merely a formality. Picard would be an open book, following instructions and revealing information as required,- a broken and defeated man. In the Star Trek scene, he is rescued in the nick of time just before he blurts out what his broken mind is telling him is there.

In the real world unfortunately we do not get rescued in the nick of time. But hey it’s not that bad, you could lose your job for sure, and you can’t go shopping and you can’t fly or go on public transport. There’s no torture silly! You just have to say the words, there are FIVE lights, not four!

  • There IS a lethal and highly contagious global pandemic
  • The vaccine IS the ONLY cure!
  • You ARE morally obliged to have the vaccine
  • you MUST wear a mask

In light of the foregoing, the obedience training that we are all being subjected to seems ever more insidious. And therefore the obligation of free men to speak the truth is ever more pressing.

What comes next? Once the population has been trained to follow any government instruction, no matter what it is or how unreasonable or ridiculous. At that point, democracy has been rendered redundant, and without so much as a whimper, we have become slaves in our land.


One thought on “Obedience Training.

  1. I had a tradie at my place this morning replacing out of code eletrical wiring and he had a discussion with me as I was researching my latest article.

    He asked me how this dystopian (he said crazy) world could be changed to something that resembled what was considered “normal”

    I had only one response to him and that was war.

    Does this mean civil war or global war?

    Probably both once people understand that liberty and freedom is eradicated by silence and compliance when confronted by totalitarian control supported by media.

    As Christabel Bielenberg said in a 1973 interview on the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany;
    “It came on us drip by drip rather like an anesthetic. It was only when a specific thing hit you personally that you knew what was going on.”

    She was commenting on her Jewish doctor when he asked her after tending to her very sick child if she still wanted to him to treat her sick child due to the hatred of the Jews as promoted by the current regime.

    Do the words of Christabel Bielenberg resonate in current times?

    Once again history is repeating and like lambs to the slaughter we are marching down a path best avoided.


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