Being Woke

Recently I was asked for the definition of the word “Woke”. An innocent enough request one might think. It’s been around a few years and is banded around by all and sundry as if everyone gets the picture. For some, it’s a pejorative, for others a boast. So what’s it all about? Giving this word some thought was my first mistake, peeling back the surface reveals a depth of history and complexity that could easily justify several books on the subject, as has been ably demonstrated by my partner in writing on this site Kerry Bolton, who has already written half a dozen books on subjects pertaining to Wokeness. But I digress. I only became aware of the word perhaps less than five years ago and assumed it had been invented by the left in response to our commandeering the phrase ‘Red Pill’ from the Matrix movies. The revenge of the left is a terrible thing! But never mind, I digress again. offers the following definition;

1. a simple past tense of wake1.

Adjective, Slang.(often used in the phrase stay woke)
2. having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights:
In light of incidents of police brutality, it’s important to stay woke.
He took one African American history class and now he thinks he’s woke.
We’re trying to make woke choices in life.

  1. aware of the facts, true situation, etc. (sometimes used facetiously):
    The moon landing was staged. Stay woke!
    A tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. Stay woke.
  1. Awake:
    I had to drink lots of coffee this morning to stay woke.

That looks like a definition written by a self-declared “Woke” Liberal activist, so let’s try a definition from a position outside the subject we are defining.

Woke: (My definition) A psychological predisposition that causes the individual to believe their judgement constitutes an absolute moral good. Associated with a fundamental belief in the sameness and equality of Humanity.

In extreme cases, the condition can cause the afflicted to believe any measure of coercion and violence is necessary and justified in confronting and correcting what they see as transgressions of their moral code. They regard this moral code as a universal absolute that they have an obligation to pursue at all costs.

‘Wokeness’ is a mental/psychological and above all a moral predisposition, you cannot be ‘a’ Woke but you can be ‘Woke‘. It’s not a singular noun, but can be used to identify a group cohort as, “the Woke”. You can be more or less Woke than someone else- it is not a singular absolute. Wokeness is a moral position that affects and informs your world view and outlook on all aspects of life and society, even going so far as affecting appearance, behaviour and human relationships. It isn’t who you are yet you can be defined by your ‘wokeness’. You can become more Woke and in rare cases, people have been known to recover from wookeness and return to a more conservative frame of reference.

Wokeness is noticeably more prevalent in city and suburban environments. Especially if there is a university at hand! More on that latter. Rural life on the other hand is not conducive to the development or maintenance of the Woke world view. When you live close to nature the lessons she teaches cannot be ignored.

It’s strange how this epithet that started with the Black American community has now become pathological in white liberals.

How does one become “Woke’?

Can you be born ‘Woke’? Is it a condition you imbibe from your parents through your upbringing, or must Wokeness be explicitly taught? Wokeness’ is what we used to call PC; politically correctness, and PC comes from Critical Theory, Postmodernism and Deconstructionism.

The soft underbelly of western civilization has been the university system, and since the cultural revolution of the 1960’s millions of westerners have had their common sense thinking derailed by ideas that are absolutely catastrophic for western civilization. The subtle and unbelievably pernicious doctrines of Derrida’s deconstructionism attack the very idea of words and meaning. Critical theory in the universities has spread to every subject and field of inquiry. No surprise then that young people attending university with an expectation of knowledge, unknowingly open their minds to a cultural virus. Facts are relative, truth is subjective, and the entire framework of the western scientific method is thrown into doubt. Of Deconstructionism the encyclopedia Britannica article remarks ‘Still others regarded it as a nihilistic endorsement of radical epistemic relativism.’

The attack against the west is deliberate, ongoing and will not stop until it is either stopped by a conservative revolution regaining power in the institutions or White Europeans disappear completely, taking our European culture with us. A state of affairs that the anti-white anti-west liberal left will regard with deep satisfaction.

Otherwise intelligent people.

It isn’t just the University “educated” that have fallen for the ruse of leftism. Generally, women are naturally wired for altruism, and that is a good and natural tendency, essential for the rearing of children. But the feminine drive to emotional thinking has been weaponized; now ALL immigrants are welcome, ALL children are poor waifs that must be cared for, ALL handouts are a moral imperative and Borders are oppressive! Allowing the less able to fail is just mean, the losers must be helped to win (no, made to win at your expense weather you like it or not), yes we can all be winners because we are all the same. In the wonderful kumbaya world of the liberal left the feminine principle has gone rogue, weaponized against our own best interests and the result is a civilization in terminal decay.

The “Woke” regard their position on a whole range of moral issues as The Singular settled and established dogma, and any other opinion or explanation is regarded as completely unacceptable and beyond the pale. This dogmatic position on matters involving social justice or issues involving a moral question explains the Left’s shameless lies, open fraud and public tantrums when they don’t get their way.

In 2016 after the election of Donald Trump, there were numerous recorded instances of people having pubic tantrums. These were not insane or intellectually retarded individuals, yet they were so morally and emotionally invested in the expected victory of Hillary Clinton that her loss to Donald Trump caused a major psychotic break. Now termed “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Tantrum 1
Tantrum 2
Tantrum 3

At it’s root we are dealing with the clash of two fundamentally different word views. The contrast between these two world views explains the tyranny of the left as well as the relative passivity of the political right.

Right-wing Ideas come from Nature, and nature shows us a world of difference and inequality. We do not approach the world in judgement, it is not a moral issue. Right-wing ideas spring from an observation of the given world, in sharp contrast to the “Ideal World” that the liberal Left is compelled to impose.

Leftism insists on equality and in arrogance and hubris, they deny nature and demand that the natural world conform to their idea of how it should be. If evidence disproves their ideals then the evidence is thrown out and replaced with new ‘evidence’ that affirms the conclusions of their assumptions.

The Right’s apparent lack of grit and commitment in opposing them also seems to come from the fact that we are not arbitrarily disgusted by the Left per se. We find their positions naive silly juvenile and just plain wrong. They on the other hand are disgusted that there are people in the world that don’t agree with them. Let’s be clear, they find us disgusting whereas we find them merely amusing.

So the intensity of feeling on the Right towards the Left is not of a nature to cause us to want to destroy them “by any means necessary”. That response would seem to us just as silly as so many of their own naive propositions. Consequently, we have seen the left without serious opposition ascend to tyrannical hegemony over virtually the entire Western civilization. Simply put, they think we’re evil, we think they are just plain wrong.

The contrast between the two world views explains the tyranny of the left as well as the relative passivity of the political right.

The feeling of disgust is a pretty good motivator. For this reason, the Woke Left will have no compunction about engaging in the most outrageous open fraud and deceit, because in their view their behaviour – which in any other instance even they would agree is unacceptable- is suddenly necessary and justified by the moral imperative of the issue at hand, women’s rights, abortion rights, racial equality, mass immigration. To oppose these tenets of leftism is blasphemy and only one step from Auschwitz. You, then, as a bigoted Anti-Semitic Nazi racist MUST be STOPPED immediately and at all costs! There is also great kudos up for grabs to the leftist who can do the most damage, ‘doxing’ the heretic or having him fired from his job.

The Right is not disgusted with the left per se, certainly not in the way that the left finds Racism or any person they can paint with that word disgusting. We simply regard them as wrong. They think we are disgusting, we think they are wrong. One of these positions can be remedied by reasoned argument. The other can not, the Right MUST be silenced and that is all there is to it. They will not entertain a reasonable discourse with those they regard as irredeemable bigots.

Conservatives, on the other hand, because of our belief in reason tend to make the mistake of believing we can reason with the left. Not so. Remember, they think they have an exclusive right to the moral high ground in any argument, so they can’t be wrong- impossible. They also think we are irredeemable and disgusting so even if they were to accept the possibility that they may have made a slight error, there is certainly nothing they could learn from a reprobate degenerate Nazi like you! So it’s a double waste of time trying to reason with the left.

Leftism can certainly give rise to positions that conservatives find abhorrent, -abortion on demand, open displays of homosexuality, normalizing of pedophilia, sex education for children, and blurred gender roles. etc. But recourse to homicidal violence and intimidation is generally not the first response of the conservative right! However, the teaching of CRT and sex education for young children, certainly seems to have put some steel in the spine of many parents in the US. Patriots SWEEP School Board Elections

Who & Why

Difference and inequality versus sameness and equality. Nature versus an imagined ideal. Who would ever invent such an anti-nature ideal? Those with a malevolent envy of their betters? Those who find themselves in a world where they cannot compete? So they reinvent competition as oppression and call their betters evil-doers that must be stopped?

Left-wing positions include

  • Support for abortion on demand. Even up to full term.
  • Open borders
  • multiculturalism
  • “diversity”
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Globalism
  • Big central government power to enforce their agenda
  • equal outcomes
  • In NZ, support for the “Treaty partnership”, co-governance and He Puapua.

We are at a point where leftism is starting to get a bad rap, but these people are not done yet by any measure. Charles Schwab’s acolytes still run the west and they are still pushing for globalism, multiculturalism and war with Russia. The recognition on the part of large swathes of the community that woke-ism is responsible for so many of the ills of the west is not reflected in the halls of power. And there are many on the conservative right who still buy in -as a matter of course- to a narrative that has been tailored to us by the very people we oppose. (Think Tucker Carlson and Fox News) Who will touch on the significance of ethnicity to nationhood? Will anyone question Zionist intrigue or the holy cow of multiculturalism? Is any deviation allowed from the ‘establishment’ narrative of WW2? The entire contemporary Western dispensation is still in thrall to a narrative that cripples our ability to think sensibly about our past, present or future. True Nationalism has been swept from the internet and virtually all public discourse, the only measure of allowable conservatism whilst still being referred to as ‘far right’ by the MSM is Civic Nationalism. A week tea form of Nationalism that relies on an arbitrary social contract rather than inherent cultural identity on which to base the idea of nationhood. There are signs of change for sure but there is still some considerable distance to travel before we can seriously talk about the rehabilitation of Europe.

Sargon of Akkad: What is Woke Culture?

Postmodern Thought and Philosophy.

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