The Civ-Nat Delusion

I remember when the first YouTube censorship hammer came down in Feb 2017. Before that, YouTube was conquered territory, and the algorithm was doing its magic of connecting nationalists from across the world. The sense of change and revolution was in the air. 

But it was all to come to nothing, for one reason or another Ms. Wojcicki got up one morning and decided to turn off the tap, and that was that. An entire global revolutionary movement was… deleted. Oh well never mind, white genocide it is then… 

Youtube is now a squeaky clean super polished sparkly exponent of anti-white left-wing Cultural Marxist ideology, or banal puppy dog and makeup videos. The censorship and open bias is so extreme now that if you are claiming to be nationalist and still have a functioning Youtube channel, that fact alone is certainly enough to tarnish your credibility. 

There are however two voices still on Youtube that have become darlings of the political Right and nationalist groups everywhere; the independent commentator Steve Turley, and Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

Steve Turley presents himself as a Conservative, traditionalist, populist Nationalist commentator, public speaker and author. His daily videos regularly get a couple of hundred thousand views in a short time. Steve is almost pathologically Upbeat, profoundly pro-trump, and does a great job of pointing out the stupidity and irrationality of the Democrats. Tucker does the same on a larger stage, but has more outrage and lacks the religious positive spin that colors so much of what Mr Turly has to say. 

But there is a reason why they are still there. There are certain aspects of the mainstream cultural narrative that they NEVER question. Laura Ingraham is another one that will dance around the current social-cultural crisis but then at the point of decision take a sudden left turn and blame all of US (that’s the white folks) for everything. 

This video from the 2nd June 2020 on the George Floyd riots asks; “Are the WAVE of RIOTS the Start of a CIVIL WAR in the United States?!?”  Steve describes how the solution to the inevitable breakup of the United States is to embrace one of two paradigms, either “Multi-Ethnic Civic Nationalism, where a dominant ethnocultural tradition provides the point of unity for multiple ethnicities, or we break up into tribalisms, into various Ethno Nationalist groups. Either one or the other; Civic Nationalism or Ethno Nationalism.” These are the choices presented to us as a result of the inevitable breakdown in Globalism.

Turley posits that the Globalists, that is the MSM, university professors, and corporate America in face of the collapse of Globalism have taken the side of the Ethno State. “They have collectively sided with the Tribalists, with the cultural Marxist ethno nationalists.” 

Cultural Marxist Ethno Nationalists?

This is one of the most dangerous and subtle pieces of dissembling Anti-white rhetoric I have seen. Turley seems to be tipping the hat to White Supremacism. Apparently buying into the leftist definition of White Supremacism, as any inclination of the White community to preserve its cultural norms.

It is a powerfully disingenuous piece that uses subtle re-definitions and distortions to morally blackmail and disenfranchise the white community. Trump is a civic nationalist, and that is a very different thing to being pro-White. Where Turley says that the “vast majority of counties in America, the red states …want to embrace a renewed Civic Nationalism”, he gives no support for that assumption. The White population of America, the red states he refers to know exactly what is being done to them, and they voted for Trump because they thought he heard their concerns. They were wrong, and Turley here is assuming the people got what they wanted when they got what they voted for. 

He puts aside what he knows to be the modus operandi of Cultural Marxism so that he can equate two fundamentally different propositions; Cultural Marxism and the Alt-Right. The Marxist M.O. is to advocate for the minority groups on any basis they can use to attack and cripple the majority. Black Rights, Abortion Rights, Equal Rights, Women’s liberation, Equal Pay, Racism. The cause is of little consequence, the objective is the tearing down of the established order. So that – in the immortal words of Winston Churchill – they can “reconstitute society on the basis of arrested development”. 

The objective of White nationalism is to secure the peace and prosperity of our people. And we wish all other nations the best for their own endeavors in their own homelands.

Turley goes on “A civic nationalism where the Nation IS the RACE. A single people of multiple Ethnicities, unified around nation, culture custom and tradition.” This seems to be a circular argument, let all these different Races, Nations, cultures, and traditions sit around and unite around all these different Races, Nations, cultures and traditions. Steve, the melting pot you’re expecting everyone to sit around is cracked and broken. Expecting peace and unity to come out of this is as deluded as the liberals you spend so much time laughing at.

Our Race is our Nation” has been a rallying cry of the political right for years. Turley has turned this around to re-define the Race as whatever agglomeration of ethnicities comprise the total American Nation. It is this construct rather than the exclusive and specific traditional understanding of Race that is false and misleading.

This is a very convenient definition of course for the pathologically positive Dr. Turley because it allows him to redefine victory so that defeat becomes impossible. In Steve Turley’s re-definition of Nation, Nationalism always wins. He steps right over the definition of Race, he is using a definition of Ethnicity that says a native African Negro can have the same Ethnicity as a White European.

Steve Turley conflates Cultural Marxism with Ethno Nationalism. As evidence for this, he points to the fact that Cultural Marxists promote tribalism. BUT this is disingenuous, Cultural Marxism and its methodology; Critical Theory only use the tribalism of ethnic groups to stir up dissension amongst the population to tear down and destroy the target society.

Not that his position is not explicable. We are all subject to our personal biases, and Steve Turley no less. He has an Asian wife which will surely color his world view. Civic Nationalism is the only kind of nationalism that can validate the life choices he has made. But the price he expects the rest of us to pay for his sense of self-justification is that we must sacrifice our right to freedom of association. White folks in his ideal world will not have the right to live with their own people in their own communities. And Immigration in his dispensation will be open immigration of a different sort. The end result for the racial, cultural ethnic communities that wish to preserve their identity will be,- No your not allowed to do that because …meh racism

I do not blame any white man for choosing to marry Asian. I mention this personal detail only by way of explanation, not criticism. White European women have been the targets of three generations of anti-male anti-white and anti-family propaganda to the extent that most young white men wishing to settle down must deal with the knowledge that the object of his desire will be fully entitled to destroy his life forever should she ever decide to move on, for whatever reason. No surprise then that conservative White men fall over themselves when they discover a country full of sweet, sensual feminine beauties who only want to “take care you”. Conservative Nationalists more than any other will find this combination hard to resist.

It is also a mistake for conservative Nationalist activists like Mr Turley and others to discount themselves from involvement in genuine Ethno-Nationalist politics on the basis that they believe they have betrayed the group by race mixing. They still have a huge amount to offer and yes ok so in a perfect world perhaps you could say what they have done is inconsistent, but we are in a war here. And there is plenty they can do to promote positive family values, natural gender roles and sensible immigration policies that do not destroy our people and society. And that at the end of the day is what we are fighting to prevent.

One thought on “The Civ-Nat Delusion

  1. Nice piece.
    It seems to me that the culturally marxist phraseology can quite easily be replaced by the term ‘liberal’ capitalism and all its culturally alienating and deracinating joys. After all, one to a large degree sprung from the other and both exist to achieve power on a purely material field by a similar means. As far as race mixing goes, it isn’t surprising that in world in which liberal democracy runs rampant, sexual relations practically equate to the consumption of mars bars in many instances. Bought, used and discarded.


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