Anti-White Rhetoric in Mainstream Media

On the 26th of May Stuff published another anti-white hit piece. A Reader Report section by Andrew McNaughton entitled “It’s not easy being Pākehā. Stop laughing. It isn’t

The opening paragraph presents the psychosis so common in the contemporary White liberal, one moment talking about Whites in the third person and then suddenly he is himself again and talking in the first. If we don’t know who we are, and he certainly has a point in that, then there is a very good reason for the complete lack of group identity amongst the current White population of this Earth. 

All of us, for almost the entire post-war period, have been fed a diet of Anti-White Anti-European propaganda. From school to higher education, and therefore over time the self-negating Whites so produced have come to completely dominate journalism and the academic professions.

And now we have this, an astonishingly tone-deaf piece of journalistic garbage, the point of which is stated at the end; “without te ao Māori we are culturally nothing. Join in people, just relax and join in.” Forget everything, only feel, don’t think. The White populations have been the targets of a classic bait and switch. For years told our culture is nothing, our race is either nothing, does not exist or if it does is only evil. Then when we find ourselves believing we have no culture they present this thin contrivance of a made-over “culture“, resurrected to suit the globalist aims of a new world order, and we are expected to accept this as a replacement for the towering colossus of classical European achievement!

What is being foisted on European people is a thin, watered-down, heavily sanitised and spiritualised nativist culture, almost to the point of being cut from whole cloth when compared to the record of unrestrained slaughter that took place in the years leading up to 1840. In its simplest and most concise form, European culture is the pursuit of excellence. The European spirit cannot be satisfied with being subjugated to a second rate position under this cobbled together ad hoc collection of lies, omissions and selective evidence.

Because it has been published and because these attitudes are pushed so relentlessly it is worth confronting and refuting the ignorance that pieces like this display. Let’s take a look at some of the points made one by one.

“Why are they threatened by a holistic view of the world, which therefore automatically includes them? “

There are two aspects to this, first, there is the attitude of the Tribal elites. Then there is the attitude of the Globalist enablers at the UN.

The Maori tribal elite are not pursuing a holistic world view, they are pursuing supremacy, and are not in the slightest interested in equality, what they want is cultural hegemony, legal authority and economic power over the existing social structure in this country. (HePuapua and Nationalism)

As for the UN. The entities promoting Tribal rule in New Zealand do not have a “holistic view of the world”. The United Nations is no more interested in the welfare of Maori Identified New Zealanders now than they were interested in the welfare of Blacks in South Africa or Blacks in America during the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s. In all cases the people they claimed/claim to be fighting for are worse off now after UN intervention than they ever were under a European administration. 

Maori tribal rule does not have a history of holistic governance! John Robinson’s Unrestrained Slaughter documents in detail the horrors of internecine violence in a society governed by a code of mutual destruction. 

There is a cohort of Pākehā reluctant to embrace anything beyond Māori tokenism, because it scares them.” 
Why are some Pākehā afraid of the rise of te ao Māori? “
Is this the fear of Pākehā, …”
feel inferior about. “

McNaughton tries to belittle and trivialize his Pākehā brethren by suggesting we are scared and fearful He misunderstands; it isn’t fear Andrew, it’s outrage.

When it comes to fear, there is one thing the ruling globalist elites simply cannot allow to happen. Europeans finding their roots, discovering their identity and establishing anew a reason to go on, to defend our people and our heritage from cultural reprobates like the writer of this appalling piece of cultural vandalism. Resurgent European self-respect would completely derail the globalist agenda. There is a good reason why McNaughton and those of his ilk struggle to find anything of value in their perception of European identity and culture, like all contemporary Europeans, they have been deliberately cut off from their foundations. “Deracinated’ means pulled up by the roots and the best way to destroy a people is to cut them off from their history. As Europeans, we have all faced a lifetime of anti-White anti-European propaganda, from the school system and particularly through the Marxist saturated university systems of the western democracies. 

The writer deliberately fails to understand the concept of a cultural home when it applies to whites but is more than happy to laud the importance of place, culture and language when applied to Maori. Why the double standard? The writer is anti-white. Perhaps even without knowing it they have imbibed the rhetoric and the anti-white propaganda that currently saturates all aspects of western academia and media. In this country of course this anti-White “OPINION” (sic) is mandated by the Public interest Journalism fund. Specifically, media outlets must toe the line in Multiculturalism and the Maori Partnership agenda being pursued by the government in order to partake of the 55 million dollar bribe money.

Imagine if you can someone of any other cultural group behaving in this way towards their own people. Would an African American write in such a belittling and culturally offensive way towards his own people? Or a Chinese, or an Arab. What about the Jewish people? Obviously not, yet this White Liberal seems to believe it is perfectly acceptable to behave in this way towards his own people. To talk about “A Pākehā’s reaction ” as if he is not one himself is a strange and very sad malaise. He may well set himself apart but the people he is pretending to be a part of are lying to him. He is merely a useful ally; a “good White” who for the time being has proven his credentials. But appeasement will only ever take you so far and they will treat him with well-deserved contempt, because the Maori people, unlike Andrew McNaughton have enough self-awareness to realize this idiotic white man appeasing them with his groveling platitudes is a traitor to his kind. 

I professed a dislike of telling people I am from Invercargill, Southland. There is nothing going for either of those tedious, meaningless names. How much cooler to say I am from Waihōpai, Murihiku. The land at the end of the tail (muri, the end of; hiku, the tail), now that’s a place to be proud of. “

The name of Invercargill comes from the Scottish Gaelic inbhir –river mouth, and cargill after Capt’n William Cargill, founder of the Otago settlement.

If the writer of this piece in Stuff were to take a few minutes he may also discover a connection to those early settlers. From House of Names ; 

In ancient Scotland, the ancestors of the McNaughton family were part of a tribe called the Picts. The name McNaughton is derived from the Pictish name Nechtan. The Gaelic form of the name is Mac Neachdainn, which means son of Nechtan.” King of the Picts.

One can appreciate the desire to put aside these tribal affiliations and blend with the new homogeneous mixed tribe of New Zealanders in the fashion of Hobson’s wistful muse “We are now one people” But this is not what you are doing and its not what the Maori tribal elite are doing. We have to keep returning to this and point out that the facts on the ground do not reflect your rhetoric. You are simply replacing one culture with another and they are simply using your gullible self-negation against you. 

The current Labour government is doing everything it can to denigrate the history of European New Zealanders, glorify Maori history and set up a dual system of government, it is apartheid in everything but the legal territorial separation of the people. 

“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was… The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

Milan Kundera

One thought on “Anti-White Rhetoric in Mainstream Media

  1. This is a perfect response to that trash and it is TRASH. I genuinely feel sorry for people like Andrew they have twisted their own minds to the point where they are completely cut off from everything that makes them who they are, he can speak Maori and chill at the marae with all his cuzzie bros all he wants but he will never be one of them, and who would want to be like them anyway?


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