Anti-Semitism” Downunder: Left, Right… or Imaginary?

K R Bolton5175 Words On 12 July 2022 TV One News aired a feature on “the rise of online anti-Semitism.” It might be supposed the item was produced to accelerate the introduction of the “hate speech laws.” That this is the intention is indicated by the references to the “hate speech” laws and recommendations of … Continue reading Anti-Semitism” Downunder: Left, Right… or Imaginary?

Politicised Police Declare Antifa a “Strawman”; Conservatives Intrinsically Terrorist

K R Bolton10000 words The New Zealand Government on 20 June prohibited as “terrorist organisations” Proud Boys and The Base. [1] These prohibitions are presumably intended to set the scene for the prohibition of any real dissent against globalisation, and other psycholeft policies of the Labour Government. This means demonising the so-called “far right.” [2] … Continue reading Politicised Police Declare Antifa a “Strawman”; Conservatives Intrinsically Terrorist

Leftist Hate Crimes and Terrorism

Labour’s Ideological Cousins Run Amok in USA K R Bolton1800 Words Antifa has been invigorated by the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning the epochal Roe vs. Wade (1973) that resurrected mass child sacrifice via abortion. A campaign called Jane’s Revenge has been formed by Anarchists as autonomous cells across the USA, in the manner … Continue reading Leftist Hate Crimes and Terrorism

Book Review:

Scott Howard, The Open Society Playbook, Antelope Hill Publishing, 2021, K R Bolton3600 Words American scholar Professor Richard B. Spence contends that there is a crucial difference between “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy fact,” and that it is an essential part of scholarship to “connect the dots.” (Spence, Wall Street & the Russian Revolution, Trine … Continue reading Book Review:

Rupture ~ The Fall And Rise Of New Zealand.

C. McCabe. 4333 words. Our recent articles on Maori activism and separatism culminated in a hypothetical look at the creation of a Theocratic Ethno-state of Aotearoa for exclusive Maori sovereignty. The web site experienced a 400 per cent increase in month on month traffic, we appear to have struck a nerve!To explore the idea further … Continue reading Rupture ~ The Fall And Rise Of New Zealand.

Where were YOU in ’81?

A Memoir K R Bolton. 3570 WORDS The Springbok tour of 1981 was apparently a defining moment for many New Zealanders. Forty years ago, during July, August and September, New Zealand came as close to civil war as it has seen. The National Government stubbornly resisted pressures from without and within to end relations with … Continue reading Where were YOU in ’81?

He Puapua and Nationalism

By C McCabe. 3300 words The extreme Left Labour Government of Jacinda Ardern may finally get caught out with the plan to hand over the sovereignty of New Zealand to an unelected coterie of Maori Tribal elite engaged in a long term plan to subvert our system of government to permanent Tribal rule. The question … Continue reading He Puapua and Nationalism

Muslim Deaths Cynically Used to Enforce State Dogma

By KR Bolton 2700 words. I have written previously on both Tarrant, the murderer of 51 Muslims at Christchurch, and the motive behind the push for a ‘hate speech’ law to augment the draconian laws that have been in force since 1971 (starting with the Race Relations Act). Those who have long been demanding the … Continue reading Muslim Deaths Cynically Used to Enforce State Dogma