Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells

Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells By Frank Raymond

I was interviewed once by a liberal journalist who pooh-poohed the very idea that there was such a thing as European culture. How do you even define such a thing, he insisted and are such concepts uniquely European anyway?

I was taken aback by such internalised self-negation verging on hatred. The interviewer; a fine specimen of European bloodstock so corrupted in cultural outlook that he insisted it was not even possible to define what a European was. But strangely even I struggled to find specific examples of what made European culture unique to us, particularly here in our New Zealand context. “It’s just everything that makes us US” I floundered. European culture is more than the architecture, the art and the music. It is found in the soul of the common people, and Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells by native Indian, Frank Raymond sheds light on the White culture soul like no other. In his own words “I am uniquely positioned to appreciate the distinct identity of the various races of the world, an identity that encompasses the soul of a folk.” 

The cultural creations of aristocratic England and the soaring spiritual heights of classical music are the synthesised product of the Racial soul of the European people from which these creations come. The lyrical, the trivial and the playful nature that is seen in children’s stories, myths and legends give rise to full flowered creativity and the pursuit of greatness. All the enumerable things that we take for granted or just assume are basic to the nature of universal man; all these things that Whites so readily believe are common to all of mankind, and are shocked to hear are unique to us. 

In the current anti-white dispensation many of our liberal-minded kin are at best embarrassed to hear of these things and would prefer to disregard Raymond as a Racist and his book as bigoted fantasy. But the boot doesn’t fit. He is a native-born Indian who has spent many years in the west. He writes with an outsiders frame of reference, and the evidence he sites is compelling. 

Mr Raymond explains the entire genre of science fiction writing is apparently an almost entirely White obsession. Our relationship with the animal kingdom is unique; according to Raymond, you will not find the equivalent of a Crufts Dog show anywhere outside the white world. So many hobbies of Whites provide a business opportunity for hobby shops selling plans for balsa wood boats and model aeroplanes and model railway sets for adults! From Christopher Robin and Winnie the phoo to childlike fantasy movies like Mary Poppins and Chitti Chitty Bang Bang. He relates the story of adults in fancy dress unashamedly walking through the streets on their way to a fancy dress party. Something I can attest to myself as a child growing up in London in the 60’s. These behaviours, accepted as normal and fun in homogenous White society are regarded with disdain in the none-white world. This love of fun and fantasy is regarded as silly frivolous and wasteful to everyone but the White.

It is precisely this playful, lyrical, and what Marice Samuels, -Author of ‘You Gentiles’- called the trivial nature of gentile society, that has underpinned the prodigious creativity of Europen man. The Faustian spirit of continuous striving that put not just Man on the moon but specifically, White man on the moon.

Yet our own ignorance of these qualities leads to some strange situations. We seem to be casually indifferent and see no slight when explicitly White achievements are generalised out into the achievements of “Mankind”. So that it was a generalised “Man” that went to the moon; the magnificent achievements in the field of medicine are claimed to be the achievements of an amorphous technological ‘Mankind’ that from somewhere produced benevolent technology. Whilst all the time whenever any negative aspect can be discerned, it is uniquely the fault of Whites.

We believe, and just accept that the morals, aspirations and world view of all peoples is identical to that of our own shared cultural soul. Raymond points out in example after example that there is Something unique about whites. And with the clarity of vision that only an outsider could have, and the brutal honesty he brings to his own culture as well as to ours, that when we are gone, there will be no one to take our place.

In the words of Jonathon Bowden “Many other groups in the world wonder about what has happened to us. Only when we recover the sense of dynamism that we seem to have partly lost will we have a future”. This book is unique in the way it explains who we are, our nature and why it is so important for those who would rule this world to destroy us completely. It is our nature that makes White Europeans such an existential threat to the plans of the ‘Sneak Rulers’. 

Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells is a long read of over 600 pages that sacrifices an absorbing plot to the device of protracted arguments, debates and dreams to enable long diatribes into an intimate examination of issues of race, culture and belonging. Finally, he comes back to reality and the plot picks up just in time to arrive at the epilogue.

The technique is effective but after 400 pages I was waiting for the punch line. This is an important book, and in a sane world would be required reading in perhaps a social studies class at high school, or in any environment or class where a decent respect for our people and our history is expected. But that would be the ‘sane’ world, not the one we currently have, so buy this book, read it and know that your children are a treasure in this world more than you have ever known. 

Chris McCabe

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells

  1. That there is a struggle to define what is ‘European’, while Blacks have long referred to ‘soul brothers’, and Jews know from childhood who they are and where they are from in no matter what part the world they reside, is an evidence for the heretical contention that yes, indeed, European culture has been relegated to the metaphorical catacombs and no longer assumes dominance in any state.


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