Rupture ~ The Fall And Rise Of New Zealand.

C. McCabe. 4333 words.

Our recent articles on Maori activism and separatism culminated in a hypothetical look at the creation of a Theocratic Ethno-state of Aotearoa for exclusive Maori sovereignty. The web site experienced a 400 per cent increase in month on month traffic, we appear to have struck a nerve!

To explore the idea further this piece will venture into the realm of pure speculation, a fictitious future history, to flesh out the idea and look at one possible outcome.

It’s all very well to talk endlessly about separatism and independence for a sovereign Maori nation. But how real is the possibility? People generally have the impression that countries are permanent things, -not so, since 1990 thirty four countries have come into existence. Poland has disappeared and reappeared on a couple of occasions, and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 caused fifteen other countries to appear where previously there had been only one.

It is almost impossible to come up with a single statement to handle the messy creation of states. From completely peaceful colonial withdrawal to long periods of struggle against an occupying power, from unbelievably violent civil war, ethnic cleansing and genocide to simple gentlemen’s agreements like the Velvet Divorce of Czechoslovakia. Every situation is different, the only consistent rule that emerges is that once a nation of people comes into existence and recognises itself as such, sooner or later it will attempt to assert its right to independence in a territory of its own, whether by force of arms or not. On that basis, it does seem rather natural that New Zealand is heading in the direction of a split.

As a future proposition, we are of course operating in the area of pure speculation. But we know where we are, and we know where we have been and the trajectory we have been on these past few decades. We also know the politics and personalities of the key players in this future history. As such we are not completely without a rudder as we plot out one possible future in a universe of endless possibilities.

As it stands the idea of a national split seems completely ridiculous, the government and the Treatyists are hand in glove in the complete destruction of democracy in New Zealand. Our Darling Jacinda thinks Transformational change is so obviously great that she can’t imagine why no one thought of it earlier. And the Maori elites can hardly believe their luck. The fly in the ointment,- as is always the case with communist regimes – is the people and their pesky attachment to personal liberty, freedom of speech and the often taken for granted personal medical autonomy that we all thought was inviolable.

Agency is the ability to affect change. Most people have no desire or even the desire to have a desire to change anything. The country is becoming split along psychological lines. Those on the Dissident right are shocked amazed and horrified at the unquestioning docile behaviour of the masses. And the masses in return regard “anti-vaxers” as selfish idiots who deserve to be locked up marked out and separated from society for the protection of themselves and everybody else.

The Covid 19 scam has demonstrated to the government that the people are prepared to follow any rule or regulation to the letter, lapping up oppressive direction and begging for more. Any story or justification is believed without question. It’s an incredible psychological phenomenon we have seen all across the west (ie white people). The willingness of the vast majority of the population to comply and to even go further than required in what appear to be overt expressions of personal virtue. Standing 4 or 6 meters behind the next person in the queue, as opposed to the prescribed two. Wearing two masks instead of one or continuing to wear a mask when cycling on your own in the countryside. Nowhere is there any hint or even suggestion of a desire or ability to resist, barely even the recognition that there is anything amiss at all. Everywhere only the eager enthusiasm to comply.

Over the next two years, a number of things are going to impact the lives of New Zealanders that could precipitate a major see change in the way new Zealanders see their government.

A Catalyst For Change

What set of circumstances could come about to change the thinking and behaviour of the majority of voting New Zealand?
In 2022 the new Hate speech laws will mean that the government at its own arbitrary discretion will be able to proscribe individual groups and organisations that it does not like. The separatist agenda promoted and enforced by the Public Interest Journalism Fund already insists that there is only one acceptable world view and opinion. On the strength of this alone it may well already be too late for Democracy in NZ.

Also next year the compulsory anti-White “New Zealand Histories” indoctrination will come into force at all levels of education. White children will be coming home from school crushed demoralised and hating themselves for being European.

Internal passports will also be introduced in the form of a Covid certificate. Most Kiwis will happily accept this as a way to keep them safe from anti-vaxers and the terrible scourge of Covid19.

The economic consequences of quantitative easing have already caused house prices to double in two years. And that is just the start. When the economy turns south and interests rates head north along with a massively increased tax burden to pay for the multifaceted handouts of He Puapua, the compliant masses may finally take the hint as to which way things are heading when the socialist chickens come home to roost.

There is one thing that could tip the balance and for that reason may not be implemented until it is too late for anything to be done about it. A system of apartheid health care. There are a number of ways in which this could be implemented; perhaps Maori will have a separate door and waiting area in the Emergency Department! Or perhaps whole sections of existing hospitals could be sectioned off for the exclusive use of Maori, who knows?

A look at one possible fictional scenario may serve to flesh out some of the implications;-
We can not afford a completely separate system of healthcare infrastructure, so for the time being at least the health needs of Maori will have to be catered for alongside the needs of regular Kiwis. You take your sick child to the hospital, you see triage, and are told to take a seat and wait for the call from the next available doctor. You wait for 2 hours or 3 hours as often happens at Hawke’s Bay hospital. There are many other people waiting there with you, people from all over the world you notice but think nothing more of it, careful to self-police any racist thoughts from your worried mind. After three hours you notice a young Maori family come through the doors to the clinic, the Mum carrying her toddler wrapped up in blankets in her arms. They stop briefly at reception, the bright young receptionist pops out from behind the bulletproof screens and briskly escorts the Maori family through the waiting area and down the corridor to where a smiling doctor is already waiting to show them into his private consulting rooms.

Ten minutes later the family emerges from the doctor’s rooms looking relieved and a lot less anxious than when they went in. They stroll through the busy waiting area script in hand, past reception where a line of people has formed swiping their cards through the EFTPOS machine. They make their way to the pharmacy and are attended to mediately. You look away for a moment, your own little one is no longer crying but seems flushed and way too hot. The next time you look they are gone. You catch a gimps of them disappearing through the clinic doors less than half an hour after coming in. Everyone in the waiting room is aware of what just happened, and a few glances are shared between the community of the oppressed. But nothing is said, what’s the point. The time for action was long ago and all that exists now is a kind of hurt embarrassment that we failed to act before the light of liberty was finally extinguished.

There are many more scenarios one could imagine taking place in this country just a few years from now if the current direction is not stopped.

We are entering an age of Authoritarianism, the natural end of a perverted and corrupted liberalism gone too far. Communism does not work, ever, without the unquestioned authority of the state imposed on the people to compel compliance. You cannot vote them out, you cannot reason with them and they absolutely will not stop. An uncompromising authoritarianism of the Right is the only way to counter the tyranny and authoritarianism of the left; one or the other of these two systems will prevail. Liberal democracy is dead, – abused to death by the ‘Left’ (the left right paradigm being also a clumsy ways to describe the current dispensation). And the people who realise that fact first and to the greatest extent will win in the coming battle.

Rupture ~ The Fall And Rise Of New Zealand.

This is a future history, a fiction to explore a possibility. The narrative of how New Zealand became two countries.

Marx called them the useful idiots. The people in power who actually believed all the culturally Marxist claptrap about human rights and equity. It was Critical theory pure and simple, the practice of criticising endlessly, to drag down and destroy. So that the new utopian Global communist state could be erected on the ruins of an independent world.

By mid-2023 even if Ardern had had any doubts about the course of the country it was already way past too late to do anything about it. The Maori caucus was drunk with power and “issued their directives with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs”.

The election was coming up in September and Jacinda had been finding plenty to keep the GCSB busy. Multiple political start-ups had already been proscribed and the hate speech legislation was successfully shutting down independent media. In less than two years the country was unrecognisable as a liberal democracy and everyone knew it.

The appearance of the New Zealand Party was seen by the organs of the state as just another political start-up, cobbled together by activists and the remnants of so many other parties that had already felt the heat of the state. Behind the scenes the NZP was different. Perhaps it was need or fate or desperation but finally, a cohort of worthy individuals were finally able to put group survival ahead of petty ideology. The subtle difference between “what can I do?” with a shrug and “what will I do?” with the expectation of action to come separated out the tire kickers from those who had genuinely had enough. In retrospect a degree of luck played its part as well. The GCSB in its usual hubris had become so comfortable in its practice of infiltration and subversion that it simply never occurred to them that they too could be the target of determined subversion.

The Party was able to stage private meetings and even public protests entirely for the benefit of the always present agents, who would take what they had ‘learned’ and hurriedly run along and arrest whoever was getting in the way of the Party. In the information war, the construction and control of information became a deciding factor in masking the true power and intent of the party.

Ardern had already pushed the country so far so fast that the inevitable pushback came in the election of 2023. The New Zealand Party presented itself as a centre-right conservative coalition and mercilessly attacked all the other lesser parties, positioning themselves as the only real alternative to another three years of Labour. The effect of Ardern’s use of hate speech laws, control of the media and the increasing use of SIS operatives to infiltrate, undermine and destroy by any means necessary any legitimate opposition meant that the true nature of the NZP was a closely guarded secret.

Turns out the NZP had correctly gambled that Ardern had made herself so unpopular with large sections of the population, particularly the European population with her explicitly anti-white education system, that all they needed to do was make sure they were the only alternative to another three years of Labour. To that end numerous other third party leaders were bribed, threatened, had their premises burned down, burgled, cars stolen or just outright beaten up! The most violent election cycle in New Zealand history, and all of it credibly – but falsely, blamed on the Government.

The party thugs left Labour alone, nothing was touched when it came to dealings with the government and Jacinda Ardern, the NZP presented themselves as paragons of virtue. For two reasons, firstly the government was untouchable behind a wall of security assets. Full time 24 hours SIS security details attached to all Labour MP’s, and 24-hour surveillance of all labour offices. And secondly and perhaps more importantly the propaganda effect. “Why wouldn’t they?” people reasoned, it seemed like an entirely plausible accusation; Labour had shown complete disregard for all the norms of political process and human rights in any case, the more they denied responsibility the dirtier they looked. Violence from the left seemed like an almost expected and natural next step.

‘Stalinda’ was philosophical about the violence, “Let the minor parties slaughter themselves” she said, “they’re wasting their time anyway, I mean it’s not as if we don’t know who’s going to win now is it ?!” Not quite, the intelligence operation of the NZP was already waiting for the cheater in chief to make her move and caught the entire operation in full video and audio. For “election integrity reasons” (yeah right!) all final vote counting was now to be done in Christchurch. NZP operatives had already tapped into the Election Management System in Christchurch and were well aware of the government’s bate and switch plan well before voting started in earnest. All the ballots were to be loaded onto an Orion at Whenuapai and flown to ChCh for counting. Unfortunately, the actual ballots never made it into the building. A plane left Whenuapai and a plane arrived at CHCH. The pre-arranged ballots turned up on time and resulted in an almost perfect election night match to the pre-election night “independent” polling.

All was going swimmingly for a beaming and charmingly endearing Jacinda on election night until in the early hours of the morning video began showing up on the internet of NZ4206 landing in the Chatham Islands. Things got weird when plane spotters pointed out that we now appeared to have two planes with the same call sign, one of them actually being the supposedly scrapped NZ4203. Late morning saw the release of a recording of the previous quote regarding Jacinda’s apparent foreknowledge of electoral victory. The Party in feigned moral outrage demanded the immediate resignation of Ardern, cancellation of the vote and the return of the Orion from The Chatham islands with the stolen ballots.

Long story short; they were caught red-handed, Ardern resigned in disgrace and the Party faithful ran for the hills.

The NZP gained the leading role in a coalition caucus. Once in power, the new PM acted rapidly to replace the directors of all three intelligence agencies. Stopped all payments to media outlets, immediately abolished the Public Interest Journalism fund with a major public announcement decrying the practice as a recipe for corruption and graft.

The liberal left couldn’t believe it, the same blitzkrieg tactics that had been the exclusive preserve of Labour and the Liberal left for decades was finally deployed with devastating effect against themselves, they were stunned and shell shocked. ‘How dare the Right be serious, how dare they say ‘by any means necessary’ and mean it!

As 2024 began with a thinly disguised national socialist party in power, the rapid roll-back of He Puapua began in earnest…

  • Jan 2024: The new minister for education initially made the new New Zealand Histories curriculum optional. On the basis of freedom of choice and personal liberty.
  • Every section of the Histories Curriculum was then rewritten. But now with a new focus on accurate history. The new objective was to teach history from the archives, to teach what happened rather than what to think about what happened. Heavy use was made of the testimonies of the chiefs at the time and records of the Kohimarama conference. What the chiefs at the time understood and expected was found to be clearly at odds with the claims of contemporary activists.
  • June 2024: The idea of a separate health system for Maori was officially abandoned as unaffordable.
  • September 2024: As a result of an examination of the historical evidence the whole concept of Partnership and the amorphous concept of Treaty Principles was thrown out.
  • Maori groups around the country start protest marches and call the government racist. They find the media not quite so compliant as they are no longer being paid to toe the line.
  • Feb 2025: The Waitangi Tribunal was officially abolished as unfit for purpose, unnecessary and acting against the national interest.
  • Maori activists cried out across the country, with protests and civil disobedience in all the main centres. Talkback radio was cancelled multiple times due to on-air threats. Hosts had to go into hiding.
  • The first armed incident on ANZAC weekend the 27th April 2025 occurred when 3 hunters from Taupo were confronted by heavily armed Maori Militia in the Ureweras. The hunters were told to “get off our land” and leave the spoils of their endeavours behind. The hunters later said they didn’t care about the politics and in fact agreed with them about the land. They would have said nothing but they had been tracking those deer for days.
  • The new Government sent in the armed offender’s squad, mindful of the Terrorist Training camp that had been set up in the same area in 2007. They targeted Ruatoki, 500 police and AOS. But this time the entire area was ready for them. The Maori Militia (MM) had high tech weaponry, secure communications and intel on police movements. The AOS and police vehicles were attacked before they got to Ruatoki. It was a massacre.
  • It was clear from the start that the MM had foreign support. No longer was the MM just a bunch of disaffected Maori extremists trying to create an independent Tuhoe nation out of the Urewera national park. They now had the big money of Gnai Tahu and Nga Pui they had national leadership and international backing.
  • The UN and the globalist elites wanted to see New Zealand fail, they wanted to see white New Zealand punished for having the temerity to say no to global socialism.
  • The government sent in the military. An undeclared civil war broke out with Maori radicals carrying out ‘terrorist’ bombings all across the country. Government ministers, bureaucrats and any government installation was a legitimate target.
  • By August 2025 terror gripped the nation as the government grappled with racial violence, protests, shootings and bombings. Communities were split on racial and ideological lines. Many white liberals tried to support the radicals against the government only to find they were sidelined by the Racial tribal leadership. To the astonishment of the anti-white liberal intellectuals, the Maori separatists were not interested in ideology at all, blood and soil was their mantra, that’s all.
  • After 6 months of increasing violence and terror across the nation, the conflict within Maoridom came to a head. The northern Maori Tribes sought to preserve the country, bring down the government and re-impose Maori rule with the assistance of the globalist UN. The Bay of Plenty Maori; with most of the blood and treasure in the game were far more extreme and fanatical about an exclusive Maori Sovereign State. They had the guns and had already demonstrated an extreme willingness to use them.
  • Backchannel communications convinced BOP Maori that the only obstacle to peace was the intransigence of the Northern tribes. They had to act fast to disable northern leadership, Nene Henare was invited to Whakatane for an urgent meeting with the leader of the BOP rebels. The intent was to convince or detain, but Henare was adamant he would never give up an inch to the hated Pakeha. A stand-off ensued with guns drawn. Nene called their bluff but miss calculated and was shot. Mortally wounded he died three days later in Rotorua hospital.
  • The loss of the leader of the northern tribes could have undermined the Maori cause completely. The death of Henare caused old rivalries to re-surface and resulted in a complete break between the relatively peaceful efforts of the northern tribes and the more hard-line separatists of the BOP. BOP had the manpower and the guns. The north, for all it’s political connections, was shown to be weak and ineffective. Added to that the fact that any resurrection of the old Treaty paradigm was a complete non-starter for the NZP and a way forward was finally in sight. The ethno-nationalist leanings of both the NZP and BOP Maori provided a basis for agreement and dialogue.
  • A personal overture of land for peace was made by the party secretary, and an agreement to negotiate was reached.
  • Finding a location agreeable to both sides proved difficult, eventually, Duterte agreed to provide security for a conference on neutral territory in the Philipines. Ceasefire was set for midnight 5th Feb 2026 the first serious discussions of secession started the next day 6th Feb 2026.

Politically The UN always wanted to see NZ fail. And they saw the Maori as useful stooges to collapse the country and bring it under the heel of the UN. The US was finished, after 4 years of deliberate Democratic mass immigration, the demographics had irreversibly moved against White America. Trump lost in 24 even without massive fraud, and was subsequently investigated and arrested. What remained of the republicans simply got on board with the demise of the States in an openly fraudulent one-party system. Without saying so the new government of New Zealand was National Socialist in character and policy. Australia, having never swung quite so far to the left in the first place never-the-less had to move Right politically to if only to present a defensive stance to China.

After 24 the US became an unfolding disaster of infighting factions. China saw it’s opportunity and the EU had no military capability. Russia was the only player left that could provide a counterbalance to China and Putin must have felt obliged to provide some kind of aid to New Zealand and Australia, if only to keep a check on Chinese advances in the Pacific.

That, then more or less explains the distribution of forces at the time; Russia ended up supplying covert military support to the NZP and the UN via Israel and Mossad kept the Maoris rolling with guns ammo and tech support.

After the NZP took control the objective of the UN was to bring down the NZ Government through military and financial pressure, the Maori separatist leaders wanted to take control of NZ totally and the UN was more than happy to help them do that in the knowledge that control of the country would fall to them in any case through their Maori proxy. The wrinkle in the devious plan was the underlying common interest in a singular ethno state on both sides of the table. The NZP would settle for nothing less than a White New Zealand, and right from the start was more than happy to carve off a sizeable chunk of the country to make it happen. And the Maori -they just didn’t know it yet, were also willing when push came to shove, to settle for a decent chunk of the country for a country of their own if it was made clear to them that a return to business as usual was never, ever, going to happen.

That process of political persuasion was in essence really all the war was about. The delivery of a full, complete and final NO to those Tribalists who still harboured a vain hope of a return to business as usual. Thankfully they got the message, saw the opportunity and came to the table to negotiate.

It was this acknowledged common ground that eventually led to the Manila Accords and later the signing of the Treaty of Taupo formally establishing the provinces of the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne as the territory of Aotearoa as an autonomous State on the 17th March 2026.

And that, dear reader is one fairly unlikely series of events, predicting the future is nigh on impossible. But this we must understand; the old New Zealand is finished, we can either carve out of the unmitigated disaster that Jacinda Ardern will leave in her wake a new country that we want for ourselves, or we continue to let this woman, without any mandate from us, destroy the lives and country we have taken for granted for so long. Thousands of well-meaning and I will say gullible New Zealanders voted for Labour having no idea at all of the credentials and philosophy of this smiling assassin. An acolyte of globalist Klaus Schwab and president of the IUSY she is communist and globalist to the core. That our education system does not warn our young people about the dangers of this pernicious ideology is only proof that our systems have already fallen to the enemy within.

3 thoughts on “Rupture ~ The Fall And Rise Of New Zealand.

  1. This is an interesting read.
    This happened 10 years or more ago at the Whangarei Hospital. Wife broke her leg & taken to hospital by ambulance. Put in plaster, I picked her up & we went home. Plaster was set around the lower leg with the foot extended making walking on crutches impossible. Next morning we headed back. Waited in triage for 6 hours. Periodically triage nurse would come out- “oh you are still here”. All this time there were sreams of people with cold, coughs, family groups in & out. Some kids playing in & out of the auto open door. When this Maori triage nurse was out of the way another nurse came out & quietly told us that we wouldn’t be seen anytime soon & suggested we go to White Cross. So we went there & paid for the hospital cock up to be fixed. In& out within 1/2 hour.


    1. It’s probably happening a great deal more than we know. But our people are too polite, don’t want to make a fuss and are terrified of being called racist! When we are discriminated against because of our Race in our own country we should make it known, write it up and make a noise. Otherwise it is only going to get worse.


  2. Extraordinary that the earlier non-indigenous arrivals fail to express one iota of gratitude for being saved the 3000 yrs of drudgery and brutal short lives before getting around to having their own industrial revolution.


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