Post-Election Right

K R Bolton Presently there are Rightists working with relatively ‘mainstream’, albeit still somewhat ‘fringe’ parties, such as the NZ Public Party, Direct Democracy, NZ First, New Conservatives, and Social Credit. Others more specifically regarded as ‘Right’, such as the One NZ Party (in at least its third incarnation) and the South Island Independence Movement, … Continue reading Post-Election Right

Racists in the Labour Closet

K R Bolton The current Black Lives Matter frenzy over the Western world shows a seething hatred of Western Civilisation and the European that exists permanently beneath the veneer of civil society. The BLM phenomenon has elements of the frenzied fanaticism of the youthful Red Guards unleashed by Mao Zedong during the 1960s Cultural Revolution, … Continue reading Racists in the Labour Closet

The European New Zealander is an online magazine dedicated to the unique interests of New Zealanders of European descent. In the 3rd decade of the 21st century, White New Zealanders find themselves in an uncomfortable and somewhat disorientating position. All around the world, in all the previously White homogenous homelands the same phenomenon of mass immigration has meant our … Continue reading The European New Zealander